Welcome to my life!

Hey guys!

I asked you guys on here as well as around social media what you’d think about me having a “Life” section of my blog for me to blog about just normal Ashley things that aren’t beauty related. Lots of people seemed jazzed with the idea (yay!) so I’m going to start a new little section of my blog!

Sultry Suburbia will always be a beauty blog first and my “Life” posts will be way less frequent than my beauty posts so don’t worry about random non-beauty related things taking over this blog! I’ll also be making the “read more” line really high up in each of my life posts so that people who don’t care to hear about my personal stuff can move on to the next review!

So since all I’ve done today is go to a very uneventful doctors appointment, how about we start with a little bio? 😛


Well, I’m Ashley (as most of you probably know. you know, considering it’s on every post.) and I live in Columbus, OH with my wonderful husband and our 4 pets! 3 cats and 1 little hairless dog. I seriously have no idea what possessed me to get 4 pets but I love every member of my little zoo dearly!

Pixel is a funny little dog! I think we’re his 3rd or 4th owners. He’s a very dramatic pup and is scared of pretty much everything. He has quite the little wardrobe because being a hairless dog is hard! He can get sunburned easily in the summer and in the winter he turns into a little pupsicle! He’s bad in basically any weather besides a warm spring day and is weirdly obsessed with catnip but he’s also a super duper cuddler and a wonderful little buddy! He thinks the cats are totally his buddies but they disagree.

Avalon is an evil rescue cat turned cuddle monster and lover of all people! He used to be a real jerk but now he loves everything and everyone. But he especially loves boxes. Preferably on top of more boxes. And if you can put those boxes on top of a counter, he will love you forever. Apparently Avalon is a girl’s name but I thought it sounded like the name of a mighty warrior or something! Nope.

Simba was my first. Simba is the king. He forced me to take him home from the shelter by meowing at me and trying to grab me through the bars every time I walked past him to look at the other kitties. Eventually I gave in because he’s kind of big and scary. I brought him inside, let him out, he walked around for a few minutes and then hopped on the couch for a nap. He’s an absolute angel at home and a savage, totally terrifying beast if we have to take him somewhere. He would be very upset if he knew I was sharing this picture of him looking foolish on the internet!!

And this is Amira. Amira believes everything can be a cave, even me! She’s not very bright and doesn’t know how to jump or retract her claws properly but what she lacks in brains, she makes up for in sheer cuteness! Obviously. She waits outside of our bedroom door every morning so that we can open the door and let her jump in the bed where she insists that she needs to lick our arms to wake us up.


My husband and I met online about 4 years ago and have been married for 2. My husband is actually originally from Austria and he moved over to the states to marry me! 😀 I may have had to search the world, but I found the most wonderful, supportive and over all amazing man ever! We were actually visiting his family for the first time in the picture from last fall! Now you guys should feel special because this is the only picture of the hubs that I’ve ever shared. I like to keep him for myself. 😛


Did I mention Avalon is a huge ham and also a lover of fresh flowers? He knocks over our fresh flowers about 50% of the time because he cant resist jumping on the table, sniffing them and rubbing his face all over them. Avalon says you should take time to enjoy the simple things in life. 😛


So there’s a little intro into my life and my little furry family! Do I look like a crazy cat lady yet? In the future I’ll just be occasionally blogging here in the “Life” section about whatever I’m doing or whatever strikes my fancy! Or you guys can make suggestions if you want! I hope you enjoy!

New stuff is coming for the rest of the blog too soon! New videos, Colourpop swatches and reviews, etc. so keep an eye out!

Hope you guys are all having a lovely day! Thanks for reading. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Welcome to my life!

  1. Thank you for sharing your family! Your fur babies are darling. I love your make up posts but hearing about other parts of your life is fun, too.

  2. Ohh, I love the new Life section! As a kitty mom of two, I especially enjoyed getting to know your pets – they’re the cutest! My cats also loooove fresh flowers, they nibble on them, rub theirselves against them and then drool all over them.

  3. I am sure you and any other cat owner who likes fresh flowers knows this but just in case, be so careful with lilies! They are so toxic to kitties. I had a friend nearly lose hers just over a little bit of pollen; he didn’t even eat it.

    1. Oh no! But yes, whenever we bring home new flowers we check to make sure their safe to leave Avalon around unsupervised. =P

  4. It’s nice to get this glimpse into your life- thanks for sharing! 🙂 I loved finding out that your husband is originally from Austria. As someone in a long distance relationship, your beautiful family with the pets and all is what I aspire to have!

    1. Awww, that’s so wonderful and sweet to hear! We were long distance for about 2 years or so and it felt like a lifetime. When there’s a will, there’s a way though! I hope you get the white picket fence and everything. <3

  5. It is kind of nice to know more about you! I had been wondering about the story behind the girl with perfect makeup haha!

  6. Thanks for sharing! All your animals are awesome. 😀

    I too, am a 3 cat crazy cat lady, and I’m married to a German. 😉

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