The SoLa Look iGracias Palette Review

Hey guys! I was recently given the opportunity to try out the iGracias Palette from The SoLa Look and wanted to share my thoughts and review with you all.

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette

The SoLa Look says that the iGracias Palette is their way of saying thanks to all of the Instagram artists who’ve shown them love and the outside of the palette sports the names of dozens of Instagram artists who’ve been supporting The SoLa Look. If anyone is wondering, no, I’m not on there! 😛

The 4  neutral shades in the SoLa Look iGracias palette are basically fool proof! The shades all go beautifully together and also blend really well. Anyway you wear these colors, they’re probably going to look good! I do wish that one of the shades was a matte but it’s a lovely palette, nonetheless.

In addition to these eyeshadows being easily blendable, they also have several other great qualities! When using these I literally had like zero fallout and the shades are buttery smooth and super well pigmented. Anaya was very slightly drier and less pigmented than the others initially but builds up really well.

These eyeshadows are also huge! They are a whopping .14oz whereas Sugarpill eyeshadows are .12oz and MAC eyeshadows are .04oz so this palette is going to be going strong for a long time. Due to the huge size of the pans and the neutral color choices, this palette would make a great everyday eyeshadow palette.

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette

Now don’t get me wrong, these colors are gorgeous and so easy to work with but I personally prefer a palette with more variety. Not necessarily a larger palette with more shades but just more variety amongst the four shades. This is purely personal preference though as I like to think outside of the box and wear my makeup differently everyday. If you like sporting a neutral eye most of the time and want a palette that makes creating cohesive looks really easy, then the iGracias Palette is a very solid choice!

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette
iGracias Palette swatches. L-R: Anaya, Ariel, Flor & Natalia.


This is the look I created with the palette! I have Natalia all over my lid, Ariel & Anaya under my lash liner and all four shades were used to build up the cut crease! I’m also wearing Creme 102 lashes, Inglot’s Gel Liner & Anastasia brows.

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette and Creme 102 lashes

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette and Creme 102 lashes

The SoLa Look also has a new palette coming out soon called the iBesos palette! I’ve yet to see the colors yet but I’m excited to see what they release. 😀

Let me know what you guys think of The SoLa Look iGracias Palette!


4 thoughts on “The SoLa Look iGracias Palette Review

  1. Hey Ashley! Thank you for the review. I would love to see a tutorial for this look, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I just can’t make myself like this. Your example is great but I think I would be bored out of my mind with this and while I like sparkle, I prefer my boring (neutral) eyeshadow colors to be mostly matte. Love the lashes though!!!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, it’s a great every day palette if you want a palette that already has a clear direction for you but I also prefer more variety. I practically never do the same look twice so I need my options. lol

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