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Basic Eyeshadow Tutorial

After having several people ask me to do a tutorial for the eyeshadow I was wearing in my NYX Butter Lipstick Swatches and Review post, I figured I better get to it! This basic eyeshadow tutorial is really simple to do, only uses three shades and looks great for any occasion whether it be the office, school or out on the town.

What you’ll need:

1 medium brown eyeshadow

1 dark brown eyeshadow

1 cream eyeshadow

1 medium eyeshadow brush

1 crease brush

1 blending brush

All 3 shades that I’m using today are from the Lorac Pro Palette.

First thing’s first though, apply a primer. Once it has a moment to dry we’re going to apply our first shade, the medium brown. I’m using Taupe from the Lorac Pro Palette. Apply it using your medium eyeshadow brush from the very outer corner of your eye to not quite the most inner corner. I’m putting the shade in and above my crease. Don’t worry about it looking perfect, blending will fix that soon.DSC_0030

Blend out the crease shade to soften the lines. Be careful not to get too much down onto your lid or to get it too close to your brow bone. Only move your blending brush in the areas where you want your color to be. I almost always use a MAC 217 brush for blending because it’s some sort of miracle brush sent from the heavens. DSC_0047

Using our crease brush we’re going to apply our dark brown shade, in my case it’s Lorac’s Espresso, to add some definition. Apply this on the outer third or so of your eye, right into the base of your crease. Don’t be afraid to go a little heavy here. Dimension is your friend plus soon we’ll soften it a little by blending. DSC_0081

Taking your blending brush again, gently blend it into the base of your crease. DSC_0158

Last shade! Wipe your eyeshadow brush clean on a dry washcloth or something similar. Now using your cream shade, mine is Lorac’s Cream, apply the shadow all over your lid and also under your brow bone. Very gently blend the lid color slightly upwards and the under brow color slightly downwards.

Your eyeshadow is now complete!DSC_0171

You can finish this look however you want. Add the eyeliner of your choice, or skip it all together, curl your lashes, apply some mascara and you’re good to go!

I opted winged eyeliner using MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack  and then tried to pile on enough coats of mascara to disguise the fact that my wings aren’t really even. Symmetry is nobody’s friend. DSC_0207

With the rest of my makeupDSC_0253


On another note, I got a hair cut and went a little more red! I’m digging the added red but I’m still a little attached to my missing locks. May they rest in peace. <3


Step by Step Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial

The eyeshadow that I was wearing in my recent NYX Macaron Lippies post sparked a few requests for a tutorial and since I aim to please, today I tried to recreate it from memory and made this step by step neutral eyeshadow tutorial. Shall we begin?

If I have any excess oil or foundation on my eyelids, I like to gently dab them with a tissue prior to getting started. After that I apply a primer, usually Too Faced Shadow Insurance, to help the longevity of my eyeshadow. DSC_0005

Using a dense shadow brush, I’m applying Rewind (medium brown) from Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette. Don’t be afraid to apply it sort of heavy in the beginning; we’ll blend it in the next step.

I usually like to apply my crease color first. This helps prevent muddying up your lid color, which is often lighter. DSC_0029

Time to blend that crease! Using your blending brush and windshield wiper motions, blend your crease color out. Blend sideways and upwards and try not to get too much of your crease color down on your lid. I highly recommend the MAC 217 brush for blending. It’s a real game changer.  DSC_0031


Now we want to apply a transition color. A transition shade will make the transition between your crease color and your under brow highlight color smoother. I’m using Urban Decay’s Habit (light peachy cream). I like to apply it partially over the outskirts of the crease color and partially over your still bare skin under your brow. Don’t take this shade all the way to your brow, though. That will come later. Go ahead and blend your transition shade. DSC_0075

Next I’m going to apply my under brow highlight shade. I’m using Vanilla (very light cream) by MAC. Using a small shadow brush, apply it right under your eyebrow. Blend it gently downwards.DSC_0088

Using the highlight color that I just used under my brow, I’m going to apply it to the whole lid and also into the inner corner of my eye. Blend it every so slightly up into your crease. Then I took Lorac’s Nude (very light shimmery pink) from the Lorac Pro Palette and applied it to the inner corner, right over the other shadow. I’m also putting Nude on the inner third or so of my lower lash line. Next I’m using Rewind (medium brown) from my crease color and applying it starting in the center of my lower lash line and blending it outwards, towards the outer portion of my lower lash line. Gently blend the two shades on your lower lash line into each other at this point if needed.DSC_0138

Using a pencil brush, I’m now going to apply Urban Decay’s Smokeout (charcoal grey) on the outer portion of my lower lash line. Gently blend the shades on your lower lash line together if needed.DSC_0144

Still using Smokeout (charcoal grey) and a pencil brush, draw a line starting on the base of your lid and extending upwards, almost to your crease. To determine where exactly to place this line, try to follow the path of your water line, if your water line happened to extend upwards.DSC_0166

Continue your line into a “V” shape, extending it slightly into your crease.DSC_0186

Using small circular motions, blend your V shape. Try to keep your blending motions contained to the shape of the V. Almost done!DSC_0198

Finish up the look by curling your lashes, applying the eyeliner of your choice and coat or two of mascara. I opted for winged eyeliner using MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack, a little bit of Urban Decay’s Perversion smudged into the outer portion of my lower lash line and two coats of Maybelline Colossal mascara. DSC_0274

The finished productDSC_0381DSC_0336DSC_0385

Eyebrow Tutorial using Dipbrow Pomade

What better to do on this boring, rainy day than an eyebrow tutorial? Nothing that I could think of!

I’ve had a few people ask me lately for a tutorial on how I do my brows and I’m happy to oblige so brace yourself for this in depth, picture heavy tutorial. Now while there are several different mediums of brow products, today’s will feature a cream product since this is the product that I’ve been using on my brows almost daily for a few months now. In the future I’ll also being doing eyebrow tutorials using pencil, powder and gel. Gotta cover all the bases, you know?

Today I’m using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Dark Brown. This stuff is pretty incredible. Use a little, use a lot, use it however you want because it’s super versatile. It’s also waterproof so no need to worry about getting caught in a rain shower and having your brows melting all over your face. They won’t budge. If you find the $18 price tag a little off putting don’t fret too much. You need such a tiny amount of this product to do your brows that you will not need to buy a second container any time soon. Like I said, I’ve been using mine for months and I have barely used any of the product at all. There is SO much left.

Unfortunately at the time of writing this, Dipbrow Pomade seems to be out of stock almost everywhere but don’t panic! It will be back at some point and rumor has it that Sephora is expecting it sometime in May. You can sign up on the product page on their website to receive an email when it’s back in stock. In the mean time, I’ve heard people say that Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner is a decent dupe but the color choices are very limited and it’s not as smudge/waterproof. Take that all with a grain of salt though; I’ve never used it myself.

Edit: Dipbrow Pomade is currently in stock on Amazon.

Alright, let’s do this. This is my bare brow. It could use a little help but hey, that’s what we’re getting to!DSC_0041

Start by combing your brows into place using a spoolie. You want to comb them kinda upwards and back, towards the tail. Getting all the little hairs into the right place will make the next steps easier.DSC_0056

Get a little bit of the product on a thin, angled brush and make your first mark not quite at the beginning of your brow. We’re starting a little bit back because we want to create a gradient in the front for a more natural look vs. sharpie brows. If you’re currently growing out or reshaping your eyebrows, or if for any reason they are not in the shape you wish for them to be, you can make your lines the way you want your brows to look instead of following the actual line of your brows.DSC_0079

Now in either one smooth stroke or a series of short strokes, whatever you find easier, extend your line into your arch and all the way to the tail.

Be mindful of how much product you’re using because a little really does go a long way. You can do a really light, natural brow with this or a super dramatic brow. I’m going moderately heavy today for the sake of being able to clearly see what I’m doing in these pictures. If at some point during application your brows start to look a little too heavy for your taste, wipe your brush clean on a tissue and use your now clean brush to blend and shape with the existing product that you’ve already applied to your brows.Eyebrow Tutorial using Dipbrow Pomade

Use your brush to push and blend the product on your initial line upwards into your brow. This product doesn’t dry immediately so you’ve got a little time. Without picking up any new product just yet, use your brush to go ahead and create a soft line all the way to the beginning of your brow.DSC_0104

Just like the line we did on the bottom, we’re now going to make one on the top. In most cases you want this line to be right along the line of hair on the top of your brow but if your brows are thin and you need to create the illusion of a fuller brow, go a smidge over. Once again, don’t take the line all the way to the front of your brow. Naturally the top portion of the beginning of most peoples brows is lighter and more sparse than the rest. We want this to remain true.DSC_0110

Just like how we blended the first line upwards, we’re going to use our brush to now blend this one downwards. Once that is done, without applying any more product to your brush, place your brush at the beginning of your brows at the bottom and gently push your brush upwards a little. This should add a little color and shading to the beginning without adding too much definition. You can shade a little more at the very bottom and very little at the very top. Think gradient.DSC_0119

Use a spoolie to gently brush through your brows now. This will help soften harsh lines as well as blend the product in with your own hairs.DSC_0132

We’re almost done so let’s move on to the finishing touches! Use a Q-Tip to clean up any stray marks, smudges, etc. Pro-tip: I find that Q-Tips can be too round and bulbous to use to clean up and/or sharpen the line of your brows so I usually rip half of the cotton off, roll the leftover cotton on the Q-Tip between my fingers to make it nice and tight and then use it that way.DSC_0146

Adding concealer under your brows can help concealer any odd marks, as well as stray hairs, while also adding definition. I put a dab of concealer on the back of my hand, dip my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush into a small amount  of it and then apply that right under my brow. I then wipe off any excess concealer from the brush and use the brush to gently blend the concealer downwards. Optional: Remember how we were talking about keeping the beginning of your brows softer and more sparse to help them look more natural? To play that up even farther, you can very gently brush up a tiny bit of concealer into the very beginning of your brows during this step. Only a tiny bit though. Too much and, well, it’ll look like you have concealer in your brows.DSC_0150

Ta-da! Now we’re all done. DSC_0160

Before and after


And here is what they will look like with a full face of makeup! Also, can you guess who got their NYX Macaron Lippies order in today? ME! I have been waiting months on these babies so I am pretty pumped! I’m wearing Pistachio here but will be posting a review as well as swatches of all 10 shades that I ordered this weekend. DSC_0205



My very first post plus my face makeup routine!

I’ve had a few requests from users on /r/makeupaddiction to do a tutorial of my face makeup so here we go!

First off, we always want to start with a nice, clean slate. I usually wash my face at night using the oil cleanse method and follow that with CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. I also use Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir 3-5 times a week and it has helped dramatically with these dry, flaky patches that seem to plague my face lately. In the morning I will wash my face with a wash cloth and warm water, apply my CeraVe and then apply a layer of sunscreen. Wait about 15 minutes or so for it to set then I’m ready to get started with my makeup!

Here’s my bare face. My skin isn’t too bad but it can always be better, right? First things first though, apply a primer!DSC_0026

Today I’m using a Beauty Blender to apply my foundation. Beauty Blenders need to be used damp so I hold the sponge under running water for about 15 seconds then squeeze out as much of the excess water as possible. I pour a little of my foundation onto the back of my hand, dip my Beauty Blender in it and then apply it using a stippling motion. DSC_0037

Foundation, check!DSC_0043

Next I apply my concealer. Today I’m using my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer that I got recently and I love it. The coverage is great and it gives me the least problems with creasing of any concealer I’ve used.DSC_0054

And just like my foundation, I’m going to blend it using my Beauty Blender. Under eye circles, be gone!DSC_0069

Now we’re going to contour! I’m using Illamasqua’s Hollow and a Sonia Kashuk flat top sculpting brush. I’m going to apply my contour product before my highlight to avoid muddying up my highlight.

Cheekbones and jawline.DSC_0070

Jawline all the way to under your chin.DSC_0075

Forehead and nose too! My whole face contour pre-blending. Pretty, pretty!DSC_0082

After blending! I usually use a Real Techniques stippling brush to blend my cream contour.  When blending your contour product, be mindful to keep your motions pretty contained so you don’t end up with contour product all over your face. On your forehead, blend it upwards into your hairline. Under your cheek bones, keep your motions pretty precise while ever so slightly blending the product upwards (A tiny bit. Really. Just to soften the line.) and into your hairline again. Under your jawline you mostly want to blend in a downwards motion.DSC_0100

Moving on to highlighting! You want your highlighting product to be a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. If you’re pretty pale you may be hard pressed to find a product in a shade that is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone soo I just use white. Here I’m using Illamasqua’s Skin Base Lift in White, applying it with a Sigma F60 and blending it in with my Beauty Blender.DSC_0126

Hair up for a better view.DSC_0129

All blended in!DSC_0141 DSC_0147

If you’d like to set your face with some powder, now would be the time to do it! Use a light hand under your eyes though. The more product you put under your eyes, the more likely it is to crease and no one likes that shit.DSC_0151

Sometimes I like to top off my cheekbones with a little bit of Benefit’s Watt’s Up for a little more glow. I usually use my finger to very gently blend it  in.DSC_0160

Add a little bit of blush and ta-da! All done. At least for my face makeup, that is.DSC_0173


And here is it with a full face! A little heavy but what’s new? This amazing lipstick is NYX Shocking Pink, by the way. Their matte formulas are incredible. DSC_0251