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Bold & Smokey Prom Tutorial using the LORAC PRO Palette 2

Hi, guys! I know prom season is coming up super soon so I wanted to make a couple of prom tutorials for you! This is my darker, smokier, more sultry look and my next tutorial will be my softer prom look so keep an eye out! I choose to use the LORAC PRO Palette 2 for this tutorial because it’s a wonderful palette and pretty popular! While I had prom in mind when creating this look, it’s still awesome for tons of other occasions, of course!

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New NYX Products! NYX Prismatic Shadow, NYX Tame & Frame and NYX Eyeshadow Base in Black!

I posted not too long ago sharing some of the new NYX Lip products with you guys including the Intense Butter Glosses, High Voltage Lipsticks and Vamped Up Top Coat and now I’m back with some more new NYX products to review for you! NYX is hands down my favorite drugstore brand and they’ve got me all kinds of giddy with their new product releases. 😛

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid and NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette

In this photo I’m wearing the NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid on the lower portion of my eyes, as well as in the inner corner, and I’ve smudged some black into my lash line and waterline. The top portion of my eyeshadow is Makeup Geek’s Mirage, Peach Smoothie, Frappe and Sweet Dreams. I’m also wearing the NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette on my brows. My lips are MAC liner in Soar, MAC Please Me lipstick and NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.

NYX Prismatic Shadows

While NYX has tons of products that I completely adore, I hadn’t heard many good things about their previous eyeshadows so I just always chose to avoid them and therefore avoid disappointment but when I saw that they had launched this new line of Prismatic Shadows ($6), I decided it couldn’t hurt to give them a try and chose to order one, a gorgeous mint green shade called Mermaid.

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid

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NYX Eyeshadow Base Review

Hey guys! I was rambling on about my love for my NYX Eyeshadow Base in White in a post a few days ago and that’s when it occurred to me that I love this product soo much that it totally deserves its own post and review.

NYX Eyeshadow Base review


Packaging: Comes in a small round container with a twist on lid. It’s a little bit of a bother to get your fingers in there, especially if you have long nails, but you can always use some sort of tool to scrape a little up. 7/10

Longevity: I pair this with a primer but when I use it my eyeshadows usually stay vibrant and crease free all day long. 9/10

Application: Easily spreadable when dabbing with finger. 9/10

Texture: Slightly thick and tacky consistency is great for holding and intensifying eyeshadows. 9/10

This product comes in three colors, Skin Tone, White and White Pearl. Skin Tone is best suited for use with neutral eyeshadows, White will created added vibrancy to all shadows and White Pearl will created added vibrancy while also adding a pearl/shimmer effect. White is my favorite!

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Too Faced Lip Insurance Review

Does  the Too Faced Lip Insurance lip primer actually work?

I have to admit that I’ve always been a little skeptical of lip primers. I’ve used them before in the past and always found them horribly drying and they never seemed to lock down enough lip color (if any) to justify all the hassle and discomfort.

But hey, everything deserves another chance right? There’s plenty of things that I didn’t like at one point in my life but now love, like avocados for example. Maybe I was just using crappy products or using them incorrectly. The only way to settle for sure this was to just buy a lip primer and do a little experiment, so that’s exactly what I did! Too Faced Lip Insurance review with photo documentation is coming your way!

Overall opinion: It works but it isn’t exactly a miracle product. It did make a noticeable difference in the longevity of my lipstick but don’t expect to buy this primer and then suddenly all of your lipsticks never need to be reapplied throughout the day. I don’t think it would keep your lipstick looking freshly-applied-flawless all day but it does give a boost of staying power that we all sometimes need. So for special events or long days, I’d say it’s definitely a product worth having on hand and is something I’ll certainly be using.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer



In all of these photos I just used Too Faced’s Lip Insurance lip primer + MAC’s Coral Bliss lipstick. I opted out of lip liner so I could see just how the primer and lipstick performed on their own. I chose this specific lipstick because MAC’s Coral Bliss has their Cremesheen finish which is super creamy, comfortable and gorgeous but as a whole, creamy lipsticks are not known for their staying power and Coral Bliss is no different.

I first applied the primer using the doe foot applicator that it comes with and waited a few moments for it to set. The primer feels really smooth and almost silky at first but it then becomes slightly tacky to the touch. This product is advertised as being hydrating but I wasn’t really getting that. It was actually a little drying but nothing miserable although if I had used a matte lipstick instead of a creamy one, I think that could have amped up the level of discomfort. I applied my lipstick straight out of the tube, blotted with a tissue, reapplied and then I called it quits for the day! I didn’t reapply at all nor did I use any sort of balm or gloss at any time. I ate lunch, drank mostly from a straw and just did my normal day-to-day routine.

Right after application

Both sides are looking good at this point but I think the side using Lip Insurance definitely looks best. The lipstick has applied more evenly, presumably because Lip Insurance gave my lipstick a nice even surface to adhere to.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Review

Three hours after application

I’ve eaten lunch by this point and while most of the creaminess has worn off or been canceled out by the primer, the color is still quite visible and even on the side with Lip Insurance. The lipstick on the side without Lip Insurance has mostly worn away. Some parts are completely void of lipstick but it’s still clinging to a few patches.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Review

Six hours after application

Okay, so six hours is a long time to expect most lipsticks to last. The color has mostly faded away on the side with the primer but you can still see the coral hues hanging around. It seems to have faded a little more in the center. I’m a lip product addict and my lips are getting pretty dry at this point. The color on the side without Lip Insurance has all but disappeared.


Full face photos just to show what a gorgeous color Coral Bliss is!

FF (6 of 8)

FF (4 of 8)