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OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks

I recently had the opportunity to try out a bunch of goodies from OFRA Cosmetics for the first time and being the lipstick junkie that I am, these liquid lipsticks are what I wanted to share & review for you guys first!


Packaging: The packaging is inconsistent and feels a bit haphazard.  5/10

Longevity: As they claim, these are definitely long wearing yet will need a touch up after eating. 8/10

Application: Two of the shades applied with zero trouble, one shade requires a little working with. 7/10

Texture: Matte yet creamy and slightly tacky to the touch. 9/10

OFRA Cosmetics describes their liquid lipsticks ($19.90) as “One step full lip color that does not feather. These vibrant colors will give you a vivacious look. They are creamy and soft in texture, moisturizing the lips and creating a long lasting lipstick effect. All shades contain antioxidants and Vitamin E while the formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color to make you feel fresh all day. Color will last in a perfect condition up to five hours without eating or drinking.” and I’ve found that all of that remains true! 

I found that these lipsticks feel very comfortable and even moisturizing on the lips with no feeling of tightness, even after hours of wear. I just feel like I’m wearing a light layer of lip balm. Because of how nice and moisturizing they are, they also feel slightly tacky to the touch, even after they’ve set.

One thing that I think is really important to mention here is that the OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are not transfer proof. If you touch your lips against something, they will likely leave a mark. I found this to be a little surprising since most liquid lipsticks I’ve tried are very resistant to transfer. Despite this, these lipsticks really do wear very, very well! Like the website claims, they will last perfectly for approximately 5 hours without eating or drinking. I’ve actually found that drinking doesn’t seem to disrupt them much but they will fade a bit after eating.

The packaging is the one thing about this product that I found to be pretty disappointing. Two of my shades were in the same packaging while the third shade was in a shorter, yet wider tube. The shorter tube also had a slightly different logo that was facing a different direction. The logos are also simply just stickers instead of actually being printed on the tube. All of this together just made the packaging come across a bit haphazard to me.  This is all just an issue of aesthetics though as the packaging does its job perfectly well and has an easy to use doe-foot applicator.

Both Laguna Beach and Hollywood applied perfectly with one easy coat although Bondi Beach took a little working with for it to live up to its full potential. Bondi Beach needs two coats to really look its best or else it can appear a little patchy. I just apply my first layer, wait a minute or two so it has a little time to set, apply the second layer and ta-da! Stunning opaque blue.

Laguna Beach

OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Laguna Beach

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