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New NYX Lip Products! High Voltage Lipstick, Intense Butter Gloss & Vamped Up Lip Top Coat!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, NYX Cosmetics has released a whole bunch of new products from new lip products, eyeshadows, brow products, a contour kit and many more things! The moment I realized this, I had to place an Ulta order to try out several of these new items. I mean, it’s for the blog, you know? How could I not? ūüėõ

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel

By the way, for this look I’m using Makeup Geek’s eyeshadows in Vanilla Bean, Frappe, Peach Smoothie & Cocoa Bear + Urban Decay’s X. My lashes are Red Cherry #83 and I absolutely ADORE them! This my first time wearing Red Cherry lashes and I’ve got a blog post planned on them for you guys!

NYX Cosmetics High Voltage Lipsticks

NYX High Voltage Lipsticks in Mirage and Dirty Talk

NYX has released 22 new shades of lipstick and I pretty much want them all! I only ordered two to start with but I already see myself picking up at least a few more of these. They had so many beautiful shades and while it was virtually impossible to choose, I ended up with Mirage and Dirty Talk.

NYX High Voltage Lipstick Swatch in Mirage and Dirty Talk

The High Voltage lipsticks come in a new slim tube design which makes it easier to get a precise application straight from the tube than with larger lipstick bullets. These retail for about $6 and contain 2.5g of product. The NYX Matte lipsticks also retail for about $6 but contain 4.5g of product. I can’t say I love paying the same price for much less product but then again, I’ve never actually finished a tube of lipstick so I suppose I can’t complain much.

The formula of the NYX High Voltage lipsticks is really nice! They’re well pigmented, very comfortable to wear with a creamy finish and last really well. The staying power of the High Voltage lipsticks isn’t quite as good as their Matte lipstick formula, but good nonetheless. After a few hours of wear, a cup of coffee and some food, I only had some minimal fading near the corners and center of my lips.

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Maybelline Color Elixir Review and Swatches

Today I want to share with you another top-notch drug store product, Maybelline’s Color Elixir Lip Colors¬†($7)! I originally picked up three of these a couple of months ago and ended up loving them so much that I recently bought two more shades. Now that I have my own¬†little rainbow of these amazing lip colors, I thought it was time to share¬†my Maybelline Color Elixir review and swatches with you guys!

Maybelline Color Elixir Review and Swatches
Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color. L-R: Glistening Amber, Breathtaking Apricot, Signature Scarlet, Hibiscus Haven and Mauve Mystique.

Packaging: Clear tube that looks like a lipstick bullet is encased inside which I think is pretty cute. The top screws on and stays put. 9/10

Longevity: Lasts well for a gloss, even hanging around while eating and drinking. 7/10

Application: Easy to apply with the slanted and tapered doe-foot applicator. 9/10

Texture: Silky and slightly tacky without being overly sticky. 9/10

So clearly I don’t have many negative things to say about Maybelline’s Color Elixir Lip Colors! These babies have a lot of strong points and are definitely one of my favorite lip gloss formulas.

These are some super pigmented glosses which is one of the reasons why I love them so much! Unlike many glosses which just give you a slight tint, these glosses¬†give you full on color. ¬†They’re great on their own and some shades pack a real punch but they’re also really fantastic to layer over lipsticks to add shine and/or alter the color.

Another great thing about the Maybelline Color Elixirs is¬†that they have a pretty impressive wear time for a gloss. This is not an all day lip color but they generally last between 2-6 hours, more towards the latter if you aren’t eating or drinking without a straw though. However even with eating, there’s no real need to panic about how your lip color looks as these do stick around pretty damn well.

The formula of these is also really nice! They feel silky and only slightly tacky on the lips. I can’t stand¬†when glosses are so sticky that they make my lips feel like I’ve slathered them in honey or something but these are really pleasant, light and comfortable to wear. These are also quite moisturizing and I never feel like my lips are drying out. Quite the opposite, in fact!

They do have a scent/fragrance though so be warned if you’re sensitive to such things. It’s difficult to describe but it’s almost like a vanilla spice with something a little…perfumey in there. I don’t find it to be too over powering though.

These come with a slanted and slightly tapered doe-foot applicator that makes applying them precisely a breeze.

Maybelline Color Elixir Review and Swatches

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Sigma Beauty Swatches

In my previous post, I went into some details on the Sigma 3DHD Precision brush, the Sigma E55 & the Sigma E06 and now I’m back to share some swatches and thoughts of the Sigma Beauty makeup products that I received!

Lip Vex

Sigma Lip Vex All Heart

The Lip Vex¬†($10) that I received is in the shade All Heart which is a sheer chocolaty brown with a sort of mauvey undertone. On the lips it appeared as a sheer wash of natural color and boy did it SHINE! The finish was really glossy and beautiful. It had a slightly tacky yet not sticky consistency, was surprisingly moisturizing and smelled/tasted like vanilla cake. I don’t wear a lot of lip gloss just by itself so I’m no lip gloss connoisseur but I felt like the formula was pretty nice. ¬†Even after about 4 hours, although the gloss had indeed faded (I was also drinking & not with a straw) it was still definitely lingering on my lips. Even though I’m not a huge fan of only wearing gloss on my lips, I do love to add a little gloss on top of matte lipsticks to give them some shine or alter the color a little and I think this shade will be really nice¬†for giving some of my lipsticks a slightly more natural hue.


Sigma Blush in Heavenly

This beautiful peachy shade is called Heavenly ($12) and is my first Sigma blush that I’ve tried. When I swatched it I was immediately surprised by how soft and pigmented it was! While great pigmentation is normally a good thing, it makes me slightly nervous when it comes to blush because I’m always afraid of ending up with overly pigmented, patchy blush all over my pale cheeks but that didn’t happen here. This blush actually blended into the skin really easily and wasn’t at all patchy. I also feel like the color of this shade is just perfect and I’m sure it’ll be getting a lot of love from me. This blush, like most blushes, did fade a little throughout the day but was still noticeably there at the end of the day. Seriously a lovely product and a gorgeous shade.

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