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Smelly Yeti Perfumery Review

I’ve been curious about indie perfumes for a while now and after seeing so many positive reviews of Smelly Yeti Perfumery floating around, I decided to take the leap and start my indie perfume journey with them. Smelly Yeti Perfumery is a small company specializing in interesting perfume oils with a cute and quirky website to boot! It’s fair to say that I’m now wholly hooked and already drooling at the aspect of not only trying more scents from Smelly Yeti, but also at venturing out and seeing what other indie perfumeries have to offer!

I opted to start out with Smelly Yeti’s sample pack which allows you to choose 5 samples for $15.

Smelly Yeti Perfumery Review

Perfume oils are a bit different than your typical alcohol based perfumes. Alcohol based perfumes tend to be more harsh & overpowering (not hating, I love all perfume!) while perfume oils offer a cleaner, truer scent. Many also claim that perfume oils offer longer lasting fragrance than alcohol based perfumes. My only experience with perfume oils is with this one company but I didn’t exactly find that claim to be true here. These fragrances typically lasted between 3-5 hours on me before mostly fading away almost completely, which I still consider quite good wear time. One major upside that I found with this order is that Smelly Yeti’s products absolutely offered something new, unique & captivating and these scents are very different than what you’d normally find lining the shelves at your local Sephora, which I absolutely love!

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