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Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Review

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Look and Necromancy Cosmetica Naked Witch

Hey, guys! Long time, no see, eh? Sorry about the lack of updates on the blog recently but I’ve been insanely busy lately and focusing most of my energy on getting my company up and running! I’ll be doing another post very soon sharing my progress so far as well as swatches and product peeks. Now on to the review!

Kat Von D recently released her Mi Vida Loca Remix Holiday Collection which included a lip set and the stunning Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette! This palette popped up earlier than expected online and I snatched one up asap. I think they’ve been restocked a couple of times online since then but apparently in small quantities as they’ve been selling out really quickly. If you can’t track one down online, don’t worry though! I believe these are set to launch in stores on Oct. 2nd but correct me if I’m wrong. Point is, you still have time!

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Review

When I saw the first pictures of this amazingly bright, color wheel inspired eyeshadow palette, I knew that I couldn’t let it slip through my fingers! The Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette consists of 24 shades, 17 brights & 7 neutrals, and is an amazing palette to create a huge variety of daring and colorful looks! The 7 neutral shades  are perfect for seamlessly tying bright looks together and are great for highlighting under the brow and inner corner, deepening edges, creating transition shades and even to just use alone for neutral looks.

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Blog Parade! Theme: Green Summer!

Hi, loves! A couple of weeks ago I was approached & asked to participate in this months German/American Blog Parade hosted by the lovely Isabell of Morgan LeFlay Beauty! The Blog Parade is basically several German and American bloggers coming together to collaborate on a makeup theme and share some love!

Green Glittery Eyeshadow

June’s theme is Green Summer! Have I ever mentioned that green is my least favorite color? Because it is. 😛 Despite me having a weird relationship with the color green, I figured this would be a great opportunity to push myself to do something that I normally wouldn’t so I was actually kind of jazzed about the theme once I got to thinking about it.

So I present to you, green glitter halo eyes!

Green Glittery Eyeshadow

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The SoLa Look iGracias Palette Review

Hey guys! I was recently given the opportunity to try out the iGracias Palette from The SoLa Look and wanted to share my thoughts and review with you all.

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette

The SoLa Look says that the iGracias Palette is their way of saying thanks to all of the Instagram artists who’ve shown them love and the outside of the palette sports the names of dozens of Instagram artists who’ve been supporting The SoLa Look. If anyone is wondering, no, I’m not on there! 😛

The 4  neutral shades in the SoLa Look iGracias palette are basically fool proof! The shades all go beautifully together and also blend really well. Anyway you wear these colors, they’re probably going to look good! I do wish that one of the shades was a matte but it’s a lovely palette, nonetheless.

In addition to these eyeshadows being easily blendable, they also have several other great qualities! When using these I literally had like zero fallout and the shades are buttery smooth and super well pigmented. Anaya was very slightly drier and less pigmented than the others initially but builds up really well.

These eyeshadows are also huge! They are a whopping .14oz whereas Sugarpill eyeshadows are .12oz and MAC eyeshadows are .04oz so this palette is going to be going strong for a long time. Due to the huge size of the pans and the neutral color choices, this palette would make a great everyday eyeshadow palette.

The SoLa Look iGracias Palette

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Twilight Grunge Eyeshadow Tutorial

Twilight Grunge Eyeshadow Tutorial
Twilight Grunge Eyeshadow Tutorial


If you haven’t yet heard me preaching the wonders of MAC’s Blue Brown pigment, now is the time! I absolutely love this stuff because due to the fact that it’s a duochrome, you can use this one shadow by itself and have a really complete eye look! Just pack it on to your lid, blow it out in the crease and ta-da! A multi-dimensional and complete eyeshadow look with very minimal effort.

Even though this shade is awesome on its own, we’re going to step it up a notch for this eyeshadow tutorial!

Twilight Grunge Eyeshadow Tutorial

You know the drill! As always, I’m going to start by applying my favorite eyeshadow primer, Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. If you’re prone to oily lids, I’d also recommend using an oil blotting sheet on your lids prior to the primer to absorb any excess oil.

Twilight Grunge Eyeshadow Tutorial

To get started, I’m going to use my finger to pat on a thin layer of NYX’s Eyeshadow Base in Black onto my lid. By starting with a black base on your lid, we’re going to make the duochrome shadow that we’re about to use look even more multi-tonal.

If you don’t have NYX’s Eyeshadow Base in Black, don’t worry! You can use a black eyeliner for this step instead. You wanna make sure that this is an eyeliner that you are able to smudge out though, so I personally would opt for a pencil as gels can be quick drying.

Twilight Grunge Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Fresh Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial using Makeup Geek

Fresh Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial with Makeup Geek

Hey guys! I did this look for the first time a few weeks ago and decided it was time to get around to making a tutorial for this fresh, summery eyeshadow look! This tutorial is featuring Poppy, one of my all time favorite Makeup Geek shadows. Poppy is an awesome color in general but it’s especially striking on my fellow blue-eyed babes! 😉

Fresh Summer Makeup Look

Fresh Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial

I always start my eyeshadow routine by first using an oil blotting sheet on and around my lids to remove any excess oil that will mess up my eyeshadow over time, applying my favorite primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and then I dust a small amount of translucent powder over the primer.

Oh, and please try to excuse the pink in my lashes. The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme colors are no joke! I’ll be making a post on a couple of the new ABH Summer Collection items soon.

Fresh Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial with Makeup Geek

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ColourPop Haul & Review

After months and months of seeing tantalizing Colourpop swatches all over social media, I finally had to stop resisting and place an order so that I could see what all the hype is about for myself and share my thoughts and review with you guys! Their products are mostly priced between $5 – $8 so they’re quite affordable.

ColourPop Eyeshadow Review

The company is very cutesy, has a huge social media presence and one hell of a marketing team. They also send out quirky handwritten letters in each package which many people apparently think is endearing. Now, I like handwritten messages just as much as the next person but it looses 100% of its charm factor when I see 2000 people a day posting photos of the exact same “unique” message that I received on Instagram all like “Aw, they thought of me! How sweet!” I’d honestly just rather get a “Thanks, Ashley!” because that seems way more sincere but I digress.  I ended up with 7 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 2 lippie stix (I feel so silly saying this), 1 lip pencil and a highlighter sample.


I was so, SO excited to get these in the mail! I mean, you’ve seen the swatches. They look like a million bucks, huh? Well the way these swatch might just be the best thing about them.

ColourPop Swatches in Animal, Roulette, Sequin, Bandit, Girly, So Quiche and Get Lucky

Let’s start at the beginning. I have never felt another makeup product that has the consistency and texture of ColourPop products so it’s difficult to describe what they feel like. It’s like a mousse meets fluffy marshmallow cloud meets firm memory foam pillow. Silly description but that’s really the best way I can describe these. They feel so lovely, soft and smooth under your fingers.

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Bold & Smokey Prom Tutorial using the LORAC PRO Palette 2

Hi, guys! I know prom season is coming up super soon so I wanted to make a couple of prom tutorials for you! This is my darker, smokier, more sultry look and my next tutorial will be my softer prom look so keep an eye out! I choose to use the LORAC PRO Palette 2 for this tutorial because it’s a wonderful palette and pretty popular! While I had prom in mind when creating this look, it’s still awesome for tons of other occasions, of course!

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