Sneak Peek!

Hi guys! I’ve been over here working hard on highlighter shades and throwing out batch, after batch, after batch until I end up with the product that I was envisioning all along! 😛

I just wanted to make a quick little post to give you guys a little sneak peek of my red/pink highlighter shade! This video was taken in indirect sunlight because what my iPhone camera was recording in direct sunlight was vastly different than what my eyes were actually seeing but I’ll be breaking out the real camera soon to show you guys better swatches & more shades!

This is the same product, over bare skin, swatched heavily with my finger on top vs. applied lighter with a brush on the bottom.

I have about 1 billion highlighter colors in my head and I feel like none of them are optional! 😛 I want to make lots of funky colors, a few more “normal” shades and also a couple of matte shades.

Well, I hope you liked the sneak peek! Let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions! <3


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