Sephora Urban Decay 500 Point Perk

Recently I saw some pictures around the web of a new Urban Decay 500 Point Perk from Sephora and got pretty excited! I usually hoard my points until something really neatย comes around and this was enticing enough to get me to break. I didn’t see this on display at my local Sephora so I asked an employee about it and she was kind enough to go dig me one out from the back.

Urban Decay 500 Point Perk

Urban Decay 500 Point Perk

This Urban Decay perk is made up of a 4 shade eyeshadow palette, a mini eyeliner and a small sample of the original Urban Decay Primer Potion. The eyeshadows included in the palette are Skimp, Bust, Guilt and Oil Slick, all of which are shades that have already made appearances by Urban Decay in the past. Each eyeshadow is 0.8 grams. The mini 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero also weighs 0.8 grams. The Primer Potion sample is very small and probably only good for one use. It comes on one of those peel-off sticker style containers.

Urban Decay 500 Point Perk
Sephora Urban Decay 500 Point Perk unboxed
Urban Decay 500 Point Perk
Sephora Urban Decay 500 Point Perk open
Urban Decay 500 Point Perk
Close-up of shades
Urban Decay 500 Point Perk Swatches
Swatches L-R: Skimp, Bust, Guilt, Oil Slick & Zero
Urban Decay 500 Point Perk
Holding it to show size.

So there you have it! Pretty much all the details on the new Sephora Urban Decay 500 Point Perk. Think this perk will get you to part with your points or are you going to keep holding on for something better?


12 thoughts on “Sephora Urban Decay 500 Point Perk

  1. Oh my, how amazing is this! I wish I had any points, but unfortunately I haven’t made a Sephora order since it’s been available to Germany.

  2. OMG I wish this was available for purchase! It’s so small and cute and would fit perfectly in my makeup bag… What a lovely color combo! *drool*

  3. This is so cute! I only have like 200 points and already bought myself the holiday sets I want :p Oh well, I’m glad you were able to cash in on something good!

  4. Thank you for the swatches! I got word from my friend that she got me one too! So excited for it. It has to travel across the ocean first though… So I’ll have to wait some time before it comes. Will you make a look with this palette, maybe even a tutorial?

    1. I hadn’t even really thought of that but it’s a pretty good idea so I might! I hope it makes it to you safely! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I just picked one up today. I was pleasantly surprised at the checkout. Urban Decay shadows are my absolute favorite. Also “stark” is already part of my daily rotation and my pan was getting low. Could you do a tutorial? I am more of a matte shadow user as I prefer it on my aging skin so some ideas would be great.

    1. Well, a couple people have asked me so I guess I better oblige! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll plan on making a tutorial soon.

    2. So I tried to make a tutorial with this palette but I just couldn’t get behind the way Guilt looked on my skin. It swatched beautifully but I just didn’t really love the way it looked on me. :/

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