Recent makeup looks!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a little post showing some of my recent makeup looks to maybe throw a little inspiration your way or showcase some products that you maybe didn’t know you needed yet! 😉 If you want to see my day to day looks more often, be sure to follow me on Instagram @SultrySuburbia.

Workin’ on my cut crease game lately! Seriously, I’ve had way more failed cut crease attempts than I’ve cared to admit but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of them. For this look I used my Urban Decay Electric Palette, a few Makeup Geek Shadows and the Anastasia Waterproof Creme Color for my eyeliner. Lips are MAC Myth. Brows are Anastasia Dipbrow, as usual.

Silver cut crease

And another cut crease! I used lots of various shadows for this, including some from my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. The white liner is Stila Stay All Day in Snow and the blue mascara is from NYX.


Gold glitter and gold brows! For the brows, I used Dipbrow + a KIKO eye pencil in shade 400. The glitter is Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter and it’s almost definitely not eye safe. 😛 I mixed up some Makeup Geek pigment in Liquid Gold with a mixing medium and put it in my lower lash line.

Gold glitter & golden brows

Pink halo eyes! I actually really loved this look. For the eyes, I used Too Faced’s Totally Fletch, Urban Decay’s Coax and Makeup Geek’s Peach Smoothie, Beaches and Cream, Razzleberry, Vanilla Bean and Cocoabear! Lips are NYX Butter Lipstick in Sugar Wafer + Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel. Wearing House of Lashes Siren Lashes.

Pink Halo Eyeshadow

All the colors! 😀 I’m wearing Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar on my lids. The rest of the eye look was done using Makeup Geek’s Peach Smoothie and Chickadee, Urban Decay’s Thrash and Slowburn and MAC’s Antiqued. Lips are NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude + Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. Wearing House of Lashes Iconic Lashes.

Sugarpill Royal Sugar

If you have any questions about these looks or products, ask away and I’ll try to answer!

Also I’d love to hear what you’d like to see from me in terms of blog posts, makeup looks, suggestions, literally anything you want to share so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know! I really want to start making YouTube videos soon too so I’d also be really interested in hearing what you’d like to see in terms of videos. I’ve already decided I’m going to start doing a monthly faves post at the end of each month so keep an eye out for those!


10 thoughts on “Recent makeup looks!

    1. Yes! I know I am seriously slacking on the tutorials! lol They just take such a long time to make but I promise I’m going to try to get better and pump out more tutorials. 😛 I actually am going to try my very, very best to have one up by the weekend!

  1. Ahhh you’re like the most beautiful lady evah!!!

    Anyways, in terms of blog: I wish you actually posted your FOTD like, every day? This might be a little tiring, but I, sort of, check your blog couple a times a day(stalker much?) and I always see you posting them on instagram and since I don’t use it I kind of wish you posted them here as well. You don’t have to write a lot or smth just pictures pictures pictures(with some nice close-ups) because yours are always so pleasing to look at.

    Also, product reviews? Especially cheaper stuff. I’ve actually stumbled upon your blog while searching for NYX’s Simply Vamp reviews and have been on the hunt for “Enamored” ever since(no luck though – darn it Europe!).

    Have you tried L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Color Lipsticks? I’ve got 6 for less than 15$ on eBay without expecting anything too good, but oh my were they a pleasant surprise(especially for this price)?! (Minus the smell though – but it doesn’t linger on the lips)

    1. Oh gosh, thank you! 😀

      And that’s a good idea! I just haven’t been doing that because I feel like everyone on IG has already seen them but I suppose I probably have plenty of viewers who don’t use IG so I’ll definitely try to this more often!

      And I’ll definitely work on getting more drugstore product reviews/swatches up! I know drugstore products are the most easily accessible makeup out there so I’ll for sure be keeping that in mind.

      And I haven’t tried or even heard of them, actually! I’ll definitely have to check into those.

      Thanks so much for all the suggestions!!

      1. I like the above poster’s idea. I also don’t use instagram.

        Also, with regards to tutorials, it’d be nice if you posted looks and at least just listed what you did to create the look. I know tutorials can be time-consuming, so even if you just posted, say, a nice eye look and then write out in word form which products you used and how you applied them, that would be great!

  2. I too don’t use IG and would LOVE if you did what the previous posters suggested (sorry to reiderate that again!!). & double yes to the drugstore reviews and using more in looks!

    I totally understand how hard tutorials are blogging, I have to force myself to do them like once every-other week on my blog because they are SO time consuming and labor-intensive.

    I really enjoy your blog and I’d be incredibly flattered if you’d check out my blog at!

  3. If you’re thinking of doing Youtube videos, I’d love if one of your in-the-near-future ones would be a tutorial on the last look of this post, the one showcasing Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar, it’s gorgeous!

    Or a pictorial of that look would be amazing if you don’t feel like making a video tutorial 🙂

    1. Thanks for the input! I actually really liked the way this look turned out so I might make a pictorial for it. 🙂

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