This blog is PR friendly and does accept PR product packages for consideration for review or use! If you or your company would be interested in potentially having your products tried out by me and then shared with my viewers, please feel free to contact me at Reviews, comments, statements from me, etc. will be my honest opinion.

When I receive a PR package, it may be anywhere from 1-4 weeks or more before I am able to begin sharing your products. This is because I must have time to effectively try out & evaluate the products, I have other products/brands/posts that I need to process first and the fact that I am only one person & life occasionally interrupts. I may be able to push limited edition products or other products up in this timeline if you discuss this with me prior.

While I love trying both new brands and new products from old favorites, I do not accept every PR offer that I receive. I only accept packages that I honestly believe may end up being something that either I or my viewers would possibly enjoy or that is relevant to my blog and brand. If I do not accept your offers, it’s simply because I don’t feel like it would be a good fit for me or my viewers.

If I receive a product/package from you, rest assured that even though a little time may pass, I will not forget about you! Your products will be making some sort of appearance from me whether it be in the form of a blog post, YouTube video, tutorial, Instagram look, etc. I try to keep in touch via email but you’re always welcome to contact me if you would like.

As my disclaimer states, “receipt of products does not guarantee a favorable review, nor does it guarantee any review of any other form of public acknowledgement.” In the unlikely event that I don’t enjoy your products or wish to share them with my viewers at all, I will contact you to let know. If you would like, I can return the products to you with the return shipping being at your expense.

When I receive products, I try to decide what I think would be the best way to showcase these products/brand, whether it be in the form of a blog post/review, YouTube video, tutorial, Instagram posts, etc. I typically leave this up to my own discretion but we may discuss options for how I share your products, if you would like.

If you’re interested in sharing your¬†products with me or have any other questions about my PR policy, please feel free to reach out to me at

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