Portland Black Lipstick Company Review

Portland Black Lipstick Company is a cosmetic company whose tagline reads “All-natural makeup for that un-natural look.” They’re best known for their assortment of funky & unusual lipstick shades so naturally I had to order a couple of samples and check them out.

Their website is a little wonky at times and not exactly clear cut. It almost seems incomplete in areas and some sections of the site haven’t been updated in months or even years. The part of the website that bugs me the most is that there are no swatches! I mean, there are a few random pictures of employees wearing a couple random of shades in questionable lighting but that’s about it. There are no swatches of any kind for each individual product and I find that incredibly odd. Surely for an indie cosmetic company swatches would be incredibly beneficial to potential customers but no one at Portland Black seems to have bothered even though it’s a pretty simple thing. Anyway, if you can get past the wonkiness that is their website, they do have some really interesting and fun shades of lipstick.


Packaging: I ordered sample sizes which is basically a sliced off piece of lipstick placed into a small baggy. It’s not exactly the best way to apply lipstick but that’s to be expected with samples. However, the full sized lipsticks come in a lip balm style tube, just like Chapstick or something. It would be difficult to apply highly pigmented or unusual shades of lipstick straight out of this tube with the product being flat (AKA not slanted like normal lipstick) so be prepared to carry around a lip brush if you want your lipstick to look neat and crisp. 5/10

Longevity: Wore pretty well for several hours without eating but did feather a little. The feathering wasn’t very severe though.7/10

Application: The Chapstickesque tubes aren’t going to do you any favors when it comes to application but it applied pretty easily with a brush. 7/10

Texture: Quite opaque, well pigmented, smooth and not excessively drying. 8/10

Without flash: Coffee, Black & Blood Red

Portland Black Lipstick Company Coffee, Black & Blood Red

With flash: Coffee, Black & Blood Red

Portland Black Lipstick Company Coffee, Black & Blood Red

Coffee, Black

I am absolutely in love with this shade from Portland Black Lipstick Company. It’s truly a unique and beautiful color that reminds me of 90’s brown lipstick in such a good way. Coffee, Black is a very dark brown with a small amount of warm, goldish sparkles. I can see the sparkles in the packaging, I can see the sparkles in the swatches, however I thought they became quite subdued once I applied it and unless you’re really looking for the sparkles, you probably won’t notice them.  I thought Coffee, Black was a little more difficult to apply and get completely opaque than Blood Red but still nothing to really complain about.

Portland Black Lipstick Company Coffee, Black

Portland Black Lipstick Company Coffee, Black

Blood Red

This is a gorgeous rusty, slightly brown shade of red that reminds me of fall. It contained no shimmer and applied smoothly.

Portland Black Lipstick Company Blood Red

Portland Black Lipstick Company Blood Red

8 thoughts on “Portland Black Lipstick Company Review

  1. Hey, SaraByAccident from reddit here. Just wondering if you had an opinion on Portland Black’s “coffee, black” vs. Limcrime’s Velveteen in “salem.”

    I’ve been dying for a true brown lip, since most brown lippies are reddish in hue, and have just been using an eyeliner instead ::shame::

    I see that the PB is cheaper, but also that the wear seems to not be as good as LC’s.


    1. Hey there! I’ve seem Salem all over the place lately and it’s a really gorgeous shade! I unfortunately don’t actually have Salem or any of the Limecrime Velveteen’s to compare Coffee, Black to though. This lipstick wore pretty well but the wear time wasn’t exactly something to write home about. Average to slightly above average. I’m going to wear it again with a lip primer soon and see if that extends it’s wear time. You can get a sample from Portland Black for $2 though so if you were to decide you love it then that’s fantastic and if you don’t and want to order Salem as well, then you’re only out $2. =)

        1. Probably not as matte as the Velveteens but still pretty matte. These pictures were taken right after applying them but they became more matte with time.

    1. I don’t remember how long exactly I waited but it was a while. I actually had to email them before my package was sent out but they did send it after the email. I was reading around in a makeup forum the other day and saw a few others saying they had to send emails before their package finally got shipped.

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