oVertone Conditioner Review

After seeing several overwhelmingly positive reviews and a personal recommendation from a fellow fantasy-haired gal, I decided to take the leap and try out some oVertone color depositing conditioner for myself.

Now, this blog has been running for nearly a year (my blogiversary is at the end of April! Yay! :D) and in all of that time, I don’t believe I’ve ever described a product as “life changing” until now. oVertone conditioners are honestly a life changing product for me! I felt like I had to review them pronto to spread the word.

oVertone conditioner in Extreme Pink Review

oVertone offers 21 vegan, non-damaging colors to choose from. They have orange, red, teal, purple, blue, pink and green and within each of those colors, you can choose pastel, vibrant or extreme levels of color. Each shade has the option of either their daily conditioner or their Go Deep weekly conditioner. I chose the Go Deep weekly conditioner in Extreme Pink ($29).

You can use these conditioners not only to keep fantasy hair bright but also to add color to lightened hair or to add tints to darker hair.

overtone-extreme-pink overtone-extreme-pink2

If you have brightly colored hair, I’m sure you know all too well of the struggles that accompany being a magical princess. Every time I wash my hair, it fades and that makes me more sad than it probably should. To keep my hair looking fresh and bright for as long as possible, I’ve taken to only washing my hair about twice a week or so, buying absurd amounts of Batiste Dry Shampoo and spending much of my life in buns and hair clips. In addition to that, each time that I do wash my hair is a wildly unpleasant experience because I wash it in cold, not lukewarm but cold, water to preserve the color. Halfway doing a back bend in the shower to wash my hair in icy water seriously sucks.


This package arrived just as I was about to hop in the shower so I didn’t waste any time. The Go Deep weekly treatment has very concentrated color in it so you need to wear gloves to apply this or else it will really stain your hands. The package says to apply this to freshly washed, damp hair and wait 10-15 minutes before rinsing with ANY water temperate you want! Even hot water! So I just washed my hair, squeezed out excess water and tried to apply it evenly through the pink part of my hair. I waited 15 minutes, washed it out with warm water, took a look in the mirror and nearly cried a little tear of joy. It worked! My hair was SO pink! So much pinker than I had thought it would be. It looked like I was fresh out of the salon!

In addition to making my hair super pink, it also made my hair feel really, really nice! My hair has just felt so smooth and hydrated since I started using this. It smells pretty strongly like mint, spearmint maybe. I actually thought it was really pleasant but I guess not everyone enjoys minty conditioners.

Before oVertone

I very unfortunately forgot to take before and after pictures because I was so excited but these pictures were taken 1 & 3 days before. I was at the salon a month ago so my hair wasn’t really faded yet but it could definitely look better. My hair used to be red so when my pink fades, it fades very reddish and I’m not a fan. Not a problem, because oVertone is here to make it all better!

Before oVertone conditioner in Extreme Pink Before oVertone conditioner in Extreme Pink

After oVertone

Boom! 15 minutes in the shower and this is how my hair came out. A perfect, vibrant pink and oh so touchable! I couldn’t believe it. I was going on and on all day about how great this stuff is!

After oVertone conditioner in Extreme Pink After oVertone conditioner in Extreme Pink

Isn’t the difference amazing?! Is anyone else half as excited about this as me? 😛 I’m just really pumped to be able to use warm water again and wash my hair on a more socially acceptable level.

I was so jazzed with my results that only a few hours after receiving my first oVertone order, I placed my second. This time I ordered their Vibrant Purple weekly treatment so that I can use it on the upper portion of my hair in unison with Vibrant Pink on the bottom. Don’t forget that you can easily get creative with your color combinations here. I also ordered their new sulfate free shampoo as well! Partly because I’ve been neglecting my poor hair and dousing my strands in sulfates then wondering why my hair always feels so dry and partly because I’m in love and suddenly have a lot of faith in them with my hair care. We’ll see how it goes!

What do you guys think of the oVertone color depositing conditioners?


7 thoughts on “oVertone Conditioner Review

  1. This looks amazing! I wish they carried sample sizes, though. I’d love to see what each of the different levels of intensity look like before committing to a full size.

    1. And, of course, I’ve just noticed they do! Whoops. Looks like I’ll be trying out a bit of everything!

  2. I read about this company last year, bookmarked them and forgot. Im planning on dyeing my hair a pinkish purple color now and coincidentally a lot of the blogs I follow have been doing reviews like you. They all love them like you do so Im planning on buying the purple and pink to mix. I really like how soft everyone is saying it makes their hair….a plus after bleaching: ) Thanks for the review….your blog is a favorite of mine!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! And I hope you’ll love them! I’m ashamed to say how many oVertone orders I’ve placed in the last 2 weeks or so. 😛

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