OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks

I recently had the opportunity to try out a bunch of goodies from OFRA Cosmetics for the first time and being the lipstick junkie that I am, these liquid lipsticks are what I wanted to share & review for you guys first!


Packaging: The packaging is inconsistent and feels a bit haphazard.  5/10

Longevity: As they claim, these are definitely long wearing yet will need a touch up after eating. 8/10

Application: Two of the shades applied with zero trouble, one shade requires a little working with. 7/10

Texture: Matte yet creamy and slightly tacky to the touch. 9/10

OFRA Cosmetics describes their liquid lipsticks ($19.90) as “One step full lip color that does not feather. These vibrant colors will give you a vivacious look. They are creamy and soft in texture, moisturizing the lips and creating a long lasting lipstick effect. All shades contain antioxidants and Vitamin E while the formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color to make you feel fresh all day. Color will last in a perfect condition up to five hours without eating or drinking.” and I’ve found that all of that remains true! 

I found that these lipsticks feel very comfortable and even moisturizing on the lips with no feeling of tightness, even after hours of wear. I just feel like I’m wearing a light layer of lip balm. Because of how nice and moisturizing they are, they also feel slightly tacky to the touch, even after they’ve set.

One thing that I think is really important to mention here is that the OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are not transfer proof. If you touch your lips against something, they will likely leave a mark. I found this to be a little surprising since most liquid lipsticks I’ve tried are very resistant to transfer. Despite this, these lipsticks really do wear very, very well! Like the website claims, they will last perfectly for approximately 5 hours without eating or drinking. I’ve actually found that drinking doesn’t seem to disrupt them much but they will fade a bit after eating.

The packaging is the one thing about this product that I found to be pretty disappointing. Two of my shades were in the same packaging while the third shade was in a shorter, yet wider tube. The shorter tube also had a slightly different logo that was facing a different direction. The logos are also simply just stickers instead of actually being printed on the tube. All of this together just made the packaging come across a bit haphazard to me.  This is all just an issue of aesthetics though as the packaging does its job perfectly well and has an easy to use doe-foot applicator.

Both Laguna Beach and Hollywood applied perfectly with one easy coat although Bondi Beach took a little working with for it to live up to its full potential. Bondi Beach needs two coats to really look its best or else it can appear a little patchy. I just apply my first layer, wait a minute or two so it has a little time to set, apply the second layer and ta-da! Stunning opaque blue.

Laguna Beach

OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Laguna Beach


OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Hollywood

Bondi Beach

OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Bondi Beach

Ingredients:  Cyclopentasiloxane and Disteardimonium Hectorite and Propylene Carbonate, Isodecane, Hydrogenated Polydecene,Trdecyl Trimelliate, Bis Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Phenoxy Ethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin. May contain:  Mica, TiO2 CL 77891, Iron Oxides, FD7C Blue #1 CL 42090

For the rest of my look today, I used my brand new Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette, Creme 102 lashes, Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, Lit Cosmetics Hello Sunshine glitter and OFRA’s Illuminating Blush Stripes. I plan on doing a review of this Kat Von D palette in the future!

OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Bondi Beach

All in all, these are nice, moisturizing and comfortable long wearing lipsticks! They boast a whopping 25 shades ranging from neutrals to crazy colors and every shade in between! If you don’t mind a trade off for comfort instead of being transfer resistant, these OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are a great choice.

I also have a coupon code for you guys! No commission for me, just $$ off for you! You can use code “Sultry30” for 30% off side wide! This code is also good indefinitely so if you end up placing more orders in the future, don’t forget to save some cash! These OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks normally retail for $19.90 but the code will make them a much nicer $13.93. Also, their Illuminating Blush Stripes are amazing! 😉

Do you guys have any experience with OFRA Cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts!


19 thoughts on “OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

    1. The ingredients don’t appear to be posted on their site and I don’t have the information either. Sorry!

      1. No worries, Ashley. It’s a bit frustrating that they don’t disclose their ingredients anywhere for people like me who are too allergic to live, but it isn’t your fault! (I’ve been having this problem with the ABH Lipglosses too!)

        1. I actually just emailed them a bit ago asking for the ingredients for you!! They’re likely already out of the office for the day but hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon! <3

          1. You’re fantastic! <3 The texture and wear you're describing sounds a lot like the Aromi Beauty liquid lipsticks, so I am expecting the ingredients to be similar, but I can never be too careful.

  1. Did you receive the products for free? It seems like you must have but I can’t see anywhere in the post where you say either way.

    1. These were sent to me for free. I have a little disclaimer at the top right hand corner of each post that says “press sample” if the products in question were received free of charge.

      1. Just as a heads up, the “press sample” tag doesn’t show up in RSS readers, and doesn’t follow the FTC rules for disclosure.

  2. that blue is wow! I was going to say that at $19 I really can’t justify buying liquid lipsticks that aren’t transfer proof- even if the colors are rad. I can’t go leaving blue marks on my boyfriend and all that. However your coupon code makes them a bit more appealing so I may have to give one or two of these a try!

    1. At $13, they’re pretty close to drug store prices and they definitely have more rad colors than a drugstore! 😛

        1. Sure! Honestly, I prefer the OFRA liquid lipsticks over the Kat Von D ones. The OFRA ones are super comfortable, moisturizing and they never make your lips feel like a desert while the KVD ones are often very drying. Another major difference to consider is that while both are very long wearing, the OFRA lipsticks are much more prone to transferring than the KVD ones. So OFRA would be my favorite for everyday use but if you need something kiss-proof, KVD is the better option!

  3. So, I saw this review and was super intrigued. Then I receive my ipsy bag today, with the bliss highlighter… pretty much Opal by becca… flipping amazing! So, I hopped on the website and bought a bunch of lipsticks! So excited to see how it turned out! thanks for the review and the discount code!

    1. Ahh! I haven’t tried that but it sounds like I need to get my hands on it! I hope you like the lipsticks! Even though they don’t dry down completely, they still wear really, really well. I wore Bel Air the other day and it still was golden even after I ate!

  4. Your lips looks so wonderful! Do you do something with your skin around lip? I mean peach fuzz on the face 🙂
    I have two shades of OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – Laguna Beach and New Orleans. They are really wearing and feeling well for hours!

  5. Ofra is THE manufacturer for MANY companies. Meaning, they have their own lab and production facilities, and they create and produce cosmetics for other companies. So…if for example, their highlighter seems to be a dupe for a Becca or a Hourglass one….there is a very good chance it IS the exact same product, and that its Ofra who makes it for them. I think that is also why Ofra isn’t too concerned with the packaging. Their focus is the creation and development of the actual product, and it’s probably sent to another packaging facility for each respective name brand.

  6. Because of the transfer did you notice smudging? i bought Atlantic city and noticed a LOT of smudging im pretty disappointed with that /:

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