NYX Macaron Lippies

After much anticipation, my order of NYX Macaron Lippies finally arrived! The moment I saw their Instagram post over two months ago showing all the colorful soon to be lippies, I knew I had to have them. Sure enough, the minute I saw their post saying the collection was finally for sale on their site, I jumped on it and ordered 10 shades. No regrets.

NYX Macaron Lippies

These are currently being sold only on NYX’s website and at $6 a pop, you can’t really go wrong for such a unique product.

I ordered Orange Blossom (orange), Key Lime (lime green), Blue Velvet (electric blue), Violet (royal purple), Earl Grey (powder blue), Pistachio (mint green), Citron (yellow), Chambord (black), Coconut (white) and Black Sesame (light grey).

Before we move onto pictures, please excuse the poor application. This is a lot of lipstick and applying each one perfectly would have taken ages!

NYX Macaron Lippies


I, for one, am thrilled with the NYX Macaron collection. Most of these shades are really fun and unique and not something you’ll easily find a dupe for, especially at this price point. The texture and application does vary from color to color, though. Some shades apply really smoothly and evenly such as Violet, Chambord and Blue Velvet and others can be quite patchy and difficult to work with. I’m looking at you, Coconut and Citron. Some of the more difficult colors may still be able to be applied nicely if you really take the time to work with them but with ten shades to try, I couldn’t spend a lot of time trying to make them perfect. Even though I only had each shade on for a couple of minutes, I noticed that some of them, mainly Violet and Chambord, stained my lips. I normally see this as a bonus with lipsticks because even once the lipstick begins to rub off and fade, you’re still left with a stain which can help keep your lipstick still looking good between applications.  Even though some are difficult to work with, I don’t see them as a loss. I think they’ll still be fun for photos, artistic makeup and mixing/layering.

Speaking of mixing/layering and artistic makeup, I made a couple creations of my own using a few of the shades.

Ombre lip using Chambord, Black Sesame and Earl Grey




Dark purple lip from mixing Chambord and Violet





17 thoughts on “NYX Macaron Lippies

  1. Loving the purple! Certain shades give better coverage than others, eh? Blue velvet is another favourite 🙂

    1. Those were two of my favorites too! But yes, the coverage seems to vary a little but for what it is, I still love them all. =)

  2. The best example I’ve seen of NYX lip macarons in action/swatched. The ombre effect achieved using three shades illustrates beautifully the real value of these shades more as helpers than as stand alone lipsticks. Ditto the Violet/Chambord combination. Some of these shades are completely unwearable on their own for anything other than cos-play. Yet somehow you have managed to pull them off (except for maybe the white one, which I didn’t know existed and which might have worked well on someone who works for, say, The Big Apple Circus). These strike me as more like grease paint than true lipsticks. Still at six bucks, there weren’t enough negatives to stop me from purchasing two (Orange Blossom and Violet) to play with on my 54 year old face. Great job!

    1. Orange Blossom is one of my favorites, especially in terms of wearability. It and Violet are both such gorgeous shades and I’m sure they’ll look fabulous on you!

  3. I really, really want the chambord – but I heard it’s really creamy? Is it so creamy that you can’t work with it. I really prefer mattes but I haven’t found an affordable matte black lipstick and I know NYX has a lip liner called Black Cherry that’s black – do you think pairing those together will increase wearability?

    1. Chambord is rough to wear on it’s own because of how creamy it is. I definitely think filling in your entire lips with their liner in Black Berry could help, though. You might actually want to consider just using Black Berry for a matte black!

  4. Do you know any affordable matte black lipsticks that might be better then? Because I might just buy chambord and black berry together or just black berry like you said. And do the whole tissue-powder thing to mattify it?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any. I wish I did though! Good affordable blacks are not easy to find. I’ve been using NYX Black Berry for a matte black until I can get my hands on Jeffree Star’s Weirdo! But yes, tissue paper and powder should help mattify it and lock it down.

      1. I really want either Bane by Melt or maybe even Hautecore by MAC. Though, the MAC one isn’t that pigmented. The Melt one is also expensive to get to Malta – so the NYX one is the most pigmented.

    2. Hi girl! I think I have something to help you!! City Color Cosmetics has a black matte shade in their Be Matte Gem line and it’s $5. I haven’t gotten to try anything from this company yet but they just sent me a package so I should have them in my hands in a few days. It’ll probably be a while before I get the full post on their products up but I’d be happy to let you know how their black lipstick is once I get it!

        1. YES! Duh! Why in the world didn’t I think of that?? lol Anyway, I got Onyx in from City Color Cosmetics today and it’s pretty nice! Definitely a much better formula for a black than Chambord and it wears much better. It’s also perfectly comfy and didn’t seem drying to me. You will need to reapply it after eating though as it does fade in the center quite a bit while eating. Hope you find a nice black!

          1. Unfortunately, I dunno where to get it from in Europe I an find only Nyx or the MUA raven lipstick.

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