New NYX Products! NYX Prismatic Shadow, NYX Tame & Frame and NYX Eyeshadow Base in Black!

I posted¬†not too long ago sharing some of the new NYX Lip products with you guys including the Intense Butter Glosses, High Voltage Lipsticks and Vamped Up Top Coat and now I’m back with some more new NYX products to review for you! NYX is hands down my favorite drugstore brand and they’ve got me all kinds of giddy with their new product releases. ūüėõ

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid and NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette

In this photo I’m wearing the NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid on the lower portion of my eyes, as well as in the inner corner, and I’ve smudged some black into my lash line and waterline. The top portion of my eyeshadow is Makeup Geek’s Mirage, Peach Smoothie, Frappe and Sweet Dreams. I’m also wearing the NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette on my brows. My lips are MAC liner in Soar, MAC Please Me lipstick and NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.

NYX Prismatic Shadows

While NYX has tons of products that I completely adore, I hadn’t heard many good things about their previous¬†eyeshadows so I just always chose to avoid them and therefore avoid disappointment but when I saw that they had launched this new line of Prismatic Shadows ($6),¬†I decided it couldn’t hurt to give them a try and chose to order one, a gorgeous mint green shade called Mermaid.

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid

My first impression was that this shadow swatches beautifully! One swipe of your finger and you’ve got full-on, intensely gorgeous metallic eyeshadow that looks stunning as it shifts in the light. None of that chalkiness that many drugstore eyeshadows seem to have, either.

As I was applying it I found that while it did build up pretty nicely, it just wasn’t quite giving me the color payoff that the swatch had led me to believe I would have. I was able to remedy this a bit by wetting my brush first which did lead to more intense color.

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid

I would highly suggest using a primer with the NYX Prismatic Shadows. Even if you don’t have a problem with the color payoff, these just wipe off way too easily without a primer. Most eyeshadows that I have will stay pretty well put, at least for a while, without a primer but Mermaid just basically wiped right off with the brush of my hand, leaving a soft pearly finish in its wake. However, paired with a primer and the NYX White Eyeshadow Base, it did last me very well throughout the day.

I think it’s also definitely worth noting how well these Prismatic Shadows blend! It was practically no¬†effort at all and it basically did all the work itself. Easy peasy, baby!

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid swatch
Swatch of NYX Cosmetics Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid

All in all, as long as you’ve got a decent primer to pair the NYX Prismatic Shadows with, I think that these are pretty nice eyeshadows for the price point.

NYX Tame & Frame

Oh, oh, NYX has knocked it out of the park with their Tame & Frame Brow Tinted Brow Pomade ($7), guys and gals!

When I first opened the package I was like “Woah, this looks and feels much smaller than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow” but I quickly realized that despite coming in a smaller and much lighter container, it actually contains 5g of product while Dipbrow ($18) only contains 4g.

NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette

ABH’s Dipbrow packaging is much sturdier and visually appealing than NYX’s Tame & Frame. The Anastasia product comes in a heavier and sleek looking glass container while the NYX version comes in a small, lightweight frosted plastic container.

The formula of NYX Tame & Frame vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow seem remarkably similar to me although they do have some minor differences.

I feel as if the NYX Tame & Frame formula feels slightly more mousse like in texture and glides and spreads a bit more easily.¬†While both products are best applied with a light hand, I feel like you’re less likely to accidentally get way too much product without realizing it until it’s nearly too late with the NYX Tame & Frame formula. The Anastasia Dipbrow seems to be slightly more pigmented but that also can make it a bit more tricky when it comes to not going too heavy.

The performance of the two products is, as far as I can tell, identical. They both are very long lasting and virtually smudge and water proof. I actually slept in the NYX Tame & Frame to see how well it would last and by morning my brows were still looking pretty fab. I also swatched both products on my hand then attempted to wipe them off, both with and without water, and I couldn’t tell any difference between the two. Despite me actually trying to wipe them off both products¬†only barely smudged, even with water.

NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow
L-R: ABH Dipbrow in Soft Brown, ABH Dipbrow in Medium Brown, ABH Dipbrow in Dark Brown and NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette.

While they’re both amazing products, Anastasia definitely has the upper hand in shade selection though. Dipbrow offers 11 shades while Tame & Frame only offers 5. I ordered the Tame & Frame in Brunette which is described as an ash brown but it ended up being surprisingly warm for an “ash” and definitely a little warmer than I’d prefer for myself. Hopefully NYX will release new shades in the future because it really is a lovely product!

NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette and NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid

In this photo I’m using NYX’s Tame and Frame Brow Pomade in Brunette, the NYX Prismatic Shadow in Mermaid, Makeup Geek Shadows in Peach Smoothie, Frappe, Mirage and Sweet Dreams and Red Cherry 83 lashes, which I am completely obsessed with! They look so amazing and add lots of length but still somehow look really natural. Definitely a new staple in my collection.

NYX Eye Shadow Base in Black

I was so excited when I saw that NYX has made a black version of my beloved White Eye Shadow Base!¬†I’ve been a long time fan of their eyeshadow base in white and its amazing ability to intensify eyeshadows so I jumped on the opportunity to get this base in black.

NYX Eye Shadow Base in Black

Black bases are awesome¬†for a couple of reasons. They’re great for dark smokey eyes to add an extra layer of darkness and get a look that’s really evenly dark and opaque. They’re also a fantastic way to transform your eyeshadows into a whole new look! Take a peek at the way the NYX Eye Shadow Base in Black turns these shadows into cool new¬†versions of themselves!

NYX Eye Shadow Base in White vs. Black
Top Row – All eyeshadows over NYX Eye Shadow Base in White. L-R: NYX Mermaid, Urban Decay X, Urban Decay Jilted.
Bottom Row – All eyeshadows over NYX Eye Shadow Base in Black. L- R: NYX Mermaid, Urban Decay X, Urban Decay Jilted.


The texture of the black version vs. the white version is a bit different though. The white base¬†seems to have a slightly more powdery finish while the black base appears to be a bit more oily and tacky. When applied lightly and topped with a thin layer of translucent powder though, I didn’t notice any difference in wear time or creasing between the two shades.

Do you think you’ll be picking up any of NYX’s new products?


12 thoughts on “New NYX Products! NYX Prismatic Shadow, NYX Tame & Frame and NYX Eyeshadow Base in Black!

  1. I already picked up some of the intense butter glosses and they are so nice! I have to have mermaid (the name sells it to me) and the color is gorgeous. I wouldve never thought of a black base! Thats so cool! I hope to pick up more things soon as I work at Ulta and drool over the new nyx stuff everytime I work.

  2. I’m so glad I saw this because I was just about to purchase the Anastasia Dipbrow, but I’ll check out the NYX product first and if it comes in my color I will get that instead! Thank you!

  3. I wasn’t feeling the black base before this post but dude, YASSSSSSSSSSSS! Life giving! I am feeling some kind of way though that NYX has to go release a similar product to Dipbrow not five minutes after I break down and buy the latter.

    I feel like dipbrow will last me forever so I’m not holding a grudge.

    I really that mermaid eyeshadow now. Sooooooo pretty and I’m a major aqua fan.

    1. Isn’t that base awesome?! But oh yeah, I used my Dipbrow for months and there’s hardly any product gone. It lasts ages!

  4. I already picked up their brow pencil, which is amazing, but I’m not sure what else I’m going to get. I already love my Life’s Entropy Brow Theory Pomade and so I don’t want another cream brow product, but I kind of really want UD X Eyeshadow because of your swatches. I’m going to skip out on the bases though because the white one worked horribly on me.

  5. Oh wow, I’ll definitely pick some up when I can! The Tame & Frame seems like a really great way to get into brow pomades without spending too much. Have you tried MAC Paint Pots? Do you think that the NYX Eyeshadow bases are comparable to them?

    1. I actually might be one of the few people who haven’t tried MAC’s Paint Pots yet! I probably should. ūüėČ

  6. Awesome post! These were all products I was considering earlier today when in Ulta! I already have Nyx Black Bean though, so I’ll have to use that up as a black base before justifying the new one! Sucks because I feel like I’ll probably like the new one more!

    1. Thanks! I’m probably one of the few makeup junkies who doesn’t own Black Bean so I didn’t have to try to justify this base to myself. =P

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