Melt Cosmetics Review

Melt Cosmetics


Packaging: Sleek matte black standard lipstick tube. 8/10

Longevity: These are long lasting, giving you several hours of wear before they begin to fade. 9/10

Application: Applied over moisturized lips, they glide over lips and apply easily. Applied to unmoisturized lips, they can skip and drag a little. 7/10

Texture: Matte, smooth, even and buildable. 8/10

Melt Cosmetics is a small, cruelty-free  cosmetics company known for their unique and daring lipstick shades. Currently Melt Cosmetics offers 13 gorgeous shades of lipstick, all in the same matte formula.

Melt Cosmetics was sold out of several of their shades for a period of months, causing my lust for oddly colored matte lipstick to grow and grow but they finally restocked recently and I had to jump on the opportunity to order Blow. I almost ordered DGAF as well but I changed my mind at the last minute and of course it’s now sold out again so I’m totally kicking myself. 😛

These lipsticks are $19 each and shipping within the US is a flat $7. I kind of hated paying $7 to ship one lipstick but I can at least say it arrived quickly. I ordered on a Tuesday night, it shipped Friday and arrived on Monday.

The formula is quite matte and looks its best over freshly exfoliated lips. I also like to moisturize my lips before applying this, dabbing off just a little of my excess lip balm before applying the lipstick on top of it. Of course putting any balm on your lips prior to application will cut down on how matte the formula is but I just think it’s more comfortable and flattering with a dab of balm underneath. Without the balm it’s just very matte. It might drag just a tad over bare lips but I didn’t think it was bad. I don’t think the lipstick itself is actually very drying but it isn’t terribly moisturizing either so if you’re prone to dry lips, a dab of balm might be the way to go! It looks a little more creamy upon the initial application but dries down to a matte finish.

This lipstick was awesome in terms of opacity and pigmentation! One swipe and it’s all opaque and gorgeous.

So on to how it wears! Again, awesome. Even with a dab of balm underneath and no primer, Blow was still going strong a solid 6 hours later. It had began to fade very slightly in the center by this time but since Blow also left behind a stain on my lips, the fading really wasn’t noticeable unless you were up close and focusing on my lips. I feel like how well this lipstick wears is SO damn important and impressive because when you’re wearing shades like green, black, etc. on your lips, it can look really horrid and dirty if the lipstick starts fading badly and getting patchy. Like, way grosser than it would look with just your normal red or pink. So A+ for this formula’s longevity.

In my package came my lipstick in its cute little box, two stickers and one small mirror. The mirror is the piece in the lower right corner here.

Melt Cosmetics

These lipsticks come in a sleek matte black lipstick tube that contains 3.2g of product for $19. For reference, MAC lipsticks contain 3g of product and cost $16.

Melt Cosmetics

Isn’t Blow gorgeous? I usually really don’t like the color green in general but something about the cool, emerald tones of Blow just drew me in.

Melt Cosmetics Blow

On to the swatches!

Melt Cosmetics Blow Swatch
Melt Cosmetics Blow Swatch


Melt Cosmetics Blow Swatch
Melt Cosmetics Blow Swatch on lips


Melt Cosmetics Blow
Blow on my lips! For my eyeshadow I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette in shades Warm Taupe, Caramel, Sienna, Glisten and Vanilla.


What do you think of Blow? Any other Melt Cosmetics shade on your radar?


10 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Review

  1. Holy moly how daring and intense that color is, but you totally work it girl! You’ve offically inspired me to order NYX matte lipstick in a deep purple shade (Siren) which I would never normally do! Thanks for the confidence:)

  2. OMG, would fit my haircolor so perfectly. *-*I guess, i really really need this shade. 😀
    Looks awesome on you! I love your lipshape… Is that oddly to say?

  3. I was looking for reviews on Melt Cosmetics when I came across your post. I had steered clear of Blow previously in my purchases because I wasn’t sure how green would wear. But seeing your picture and your post, I’m even more convinced that I must get Blow now, because it just looks so amazing!

    Thank you!

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