Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

Hey guys and gals! So as you probably noticed, I took a rather long holiday break to relax and enjoy time with my family and let me tell you, it was amazing! But I can’t spend the rest of my life lounging about and cuddling my fur babies so my break is officially over and I’m back to being a productive, makeup obsessed human being. πŸ˜› While my break was much needed and much appreciated it, I am also really excited to be back! I’ve missed blogging, chatting with all of you and wearing copious amounts of makeup on a near daily basis. So yeah, I’m back full force now and ready to make 2015 a fantastic year!

Moving on to the good stuff, the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter review!


Packaging: I think the stack is a pretty cool idea. It’s really unique and I like that but other than being aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t offer any real advantages. Still neat.Β Β 9/10

Longevity: Wore well throughout the day with a primer. A tiny bit of creasing in my crease but really pretty minimal.Β 8/10

Application: Applies and blends well. Not the best blending eyeshadow I’ve ever seen but still good.Β 8/10

Texture: A couple shades were a little more powdery than I would have liked but still not a big deal.Β 7/10

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

Melt Cosmetics, a company known for their amazing and unique lipsticks, blew all of our minds when they announced that they would soon be introducing their own line of eyeshadows. Naturally when they released these on the 2nd, I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up Dark Matter, one of the two stacks that they’re offering.

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter and their other stack, Love Sick, are being sold at for $48 each. At first, the price seemed pretty excessive to me for 4 shades of eyeshadow but once you see how big these are, you may think differently!

So let’s talk about these “stacks”. Straying away from traditional eyeshadow palettes, Melt Cosmetics branched out into new territory and made these magnetic eyeshadow stacks. Each shade is in a magnetized pan,Β the whole stack is topped with a magnetized mirror and they all just snap together. I don’t exactly see any benefit to this design other than just being a cool way to set yourself apart but I also don’t see many disadvantages either. One concern that I have is that it seems like traveling with this may be tricky as it’s pretty easy to just slide the top or bottom pan right off.

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

Orders were sent out with these incredibly cute mini-lipstick key chains. When I saw it, I was nearly as excited for the key chain as I was for the eyeshadow stack! It’s basically my dream come true and I immediately ran to put it on my key ring! Icing on the cake, I tell ya’!

Upon opening the box, the first thing I thought was “Holy hell, it’s massive!”. Β I was expecting normal sized eyeshadow pans, not something nearly the size of my palm so I was pretty pleasantly surprised! For reference, each of these pans are 3.57g whereas MAC pans are 1.5g each. So yeah, you won’t be hitting pan on these anytime soon.

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

A view from the bottom of the stack…

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

…and the nifty little mirror that tops off the stack.

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

On to the swatches!Β The reason I chose Dark Matter is because I think the shades in the Dark Matter stack are just divine! These warm shades can create a variety of gorgeous, deep smokey looks and I feel like the warmth of the colors makes such looks really striking and gorgeous instead of just a dull, washed out smokiness. Of course while deep smokey looks are many peoples first thought when seeing these shades together, that’s far from all that you can do with this stack! These shades can also make some very wearable, warm daytime looks. Just omit Dark Matter, or use it lightly, and you can create some seriously gorgeous more casual looks. Think outside of the box with this one!

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Swatches
Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Swatches L-R: Unseen, Blur, Enigma, Dark Matter

When swatching these shadows, Blur and Enigma seemed more on the powdery side however when I was applying them to my eyes, I didn’t notice this at all so I don’t think it really is an issue. While these shades weren’t a like “OH MY GOD HOW CAN ANYTHING BLEND THIS WELL?!” moment for me, they still were very blendable! They just weren’t blowing my mind or anything crazy like that. It also needs to be said that Dark Matter is insanely black and pigmented! This is a really nice black eyeshadow.

All in all, I’m a happy camper with the Melt Cosmetics Dark Eyeshadow Stack! The colors are absolutely beautiful, the design is neat, they last well throughout the day and these shades allow you to create a variety of looks from natural to full on smokey and sultry!

For my first look with the Dark Matter stack, I decided to take the full on smokey and sultry road! πŸ˜› I paired my eyeshadow with Ardell 204 lashes and finished the look up with NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama, Sigma Blush in Heavenly and Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash.

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Look

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Look

Have you guys tried the Melt Cosmetics stacks yet? Or are you still on the fence? Tell me your thoughts!


27 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

  1. Do you feel like the shades are dupeable? My friend and I were interested if maybe we already had shades close to the shades from Dark Matter, specifically Unseen and Blur. I feel like there must be MUG shades that are similar?

    1. I’d say they are probably mostly pretty dupeable. Between MUG and MAC you could probably find some pretty close matches. Just off the top of my head a few MUG shades that I can think of that might be possible dupes are Frappe, Bitten, Purely Naked, Beaches and Cream, Creme Brulee, Corrupt & Country Girl.

  2. I was thinking about getting these, but then…I really do not see the point of “It’s pricey, but it’s a huge amount!”. I really can’t even imagine myself using out at least half of any of the colors before I get just incredibly bored with them or they expire since I’m not a make-up artist and only use my eyeshadows personally. So, all in all, the price is, unfortunately not worth it for me. I wonder what makes make-up companies think that something like this is ever a good idea…

    But hey, the look you created with these is wonderful! Especially paired with that headwear. Wanted to get a couple [badly badly] myself but then, once again, shipping to europe was the full price of the headwear itself. Argh!!!

    1. I was okay with the price on the notion that there is no way I won’t ever need a good black, a reddish brown, a medium brown and a light peachy color. Those are 4 shades that I’ll literally always need, even if I’m not using them together.

      But thank you! I absolutely adore these head pieces and they’re my savior for bad hair days, which is really often. haha It sucks about shipping though! Living in Europe sounds frustrating when it comes to things like that. =(

      1. Oh yeah it does. It weirds me out sometimes how can a single tube of lipstick or a piece of fabric ring in 10 and above $ shipping from US to EU? I sell some stuff I make and whenever I ship to US even the heavier and bigger things with a tracking number never ring up for 10$. I know you had some post reform sometime earlier that got the prices up, but this is just nuts.

        Anyways, sorry to bother you with unrelated stuff. I’m just really frustrated about all the “cheap as hell”american make-up that never comes as cheap for me πŸ˜€

  3. This look (and you!) is stunning! I want this palette but I do think you’re right, they’re dupe able …beautiful though, but I’m trying to cut back my makeup buying (blah) but that love sick stack is pretty wild…hmmmm πŸ˜‰ I’m a total sucker for burgendies, and purples…and who doesn’t need a glittery peach? (Thanks Ashley! Lol)
    But I laughed when I read how excited you were for the keychain, because truthfully I felt the same way :p it’s the little things isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    1. A little lipstick key chain was one of the few things missing from my life, but now no more! πŸ˜› But I know what you mean. I’m a total sucker for burgundies. And basically all makeup. haha

    1. I was really happy with the color of my little lipstick! And your Love Sick swatches look soo lovely! I’ve got to get that one in my life too. =P

  4. This look is gorgeous and I’m definitely on the fence. I heard they are a little chalky and very hard to blend? Is the pigmentation good? I want to buy it today but I’m very hesitant.

    1. I didn’t find them to be hard to blend. All of my shadows with the exception of Love + were really smooth and well pigmented. Love + was harder to work with but not impossible. Also, I’m wearing Love + on my lid, Flamepoint in the crease area and Buttercupcake above that with Poison Plum on my lower lash line.

        1. Whoops! I am so sorry! I totally thought this comment was on a different post. lol I did find a couple of the colors to be a little chalky when swatching them but I didn’t notice that at all when applying them to my eye. I also didn’t find them hard to blend. I’ve put Enigma all over my lid and on my lower lash line then smudged out some black liner on both my upper and lower lash line with Dark Matter. I used Unseen in my crease to blend out Enigma and Blur above that.

  5. Now I’ve got to go out and buy these, along with some of their lipsticks lol. On a side note where did you get that head piece I love it.

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