Makeup Geek Swatches

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches

I recently had the chance to try out several shades of Makeup Geek’s eye shadows and pigments and I’m so glad that I did! Most of these shades are buttery, smooth and well pigmented.  I can already see a few of these colors becoming staples in my collection and you can be sure to see them making lots of appearances on my face in the future!

I haven’t actually gotten the chance to wear any of these yet (busy getting ready for vacation!) but these were so gorgeous that I had to make this post to share some swatches and a little mini-review with you all. All these Makeup Geek swatches are over bare skin.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches
From left to right: Top row – Purely Naked, Mermaid, Peach Smoothie, Frappe. Middle row -Taupe Notch, Beaches and Cream, Razzleberry, Last Dance. Bottom row – Neptune, Bada Bing, Vanilla Bean, Chickadee.

If you order these pans you’ll probably want to add them to a palette (Z Palettes are perfect for this) to make them more convenient to use, store and travel with. For a little comparison, these pans weigh 1.8g and cost $5.99. MAC pans weigh 1.5g and cost $10.

So lets check out these shades!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches - Purely Naked, Mermaid, Peach Smoothie, Frappe, Taupe Notch, Beaches and Cream.
L-R: Purely Naked, Mermaid, Peach Smoothie, Frappe, Taupe Notch, Beaches and Cream.

Purely Naked – A beautiful nude shade. It has these gorgeous little bits of sparkle throughout but is not overly shimmery. I really like this one and think it’s going to be incredibly versatile.

Mermaid – A metallic ocean blue-green shade that is extremely smooth and pigmented. It blew me out of the water!

Peach Smoothie – A matte peach beige that will be a perfect transition shade! It looks very natural and fresh to me.

Frappe – A warm medium matte brown. Another one of these very versatile shades plus I think this is going to look really fabulous on blue eyes.

Taupe Notch – A very smooth, very pigmented beautiful taupe shimmer.

Beaches and Cream – A creamy matte beige with a hint of peach/pink to it. Very natural looking and probably a lovely transition shade.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches - Razzleberry, Last Dance, Neptune, Bada Bing, Vanilla Bean & Chickadee.
L-R: Razzleberry, Last Dance, Neptune, Bada Bing, Vanilla Bean & Chickadee.

Razzleberry – A really lovely unique bright red shade that leans a little pink and is chocked full of fine, gold glitter.

Last Dance – Another favorite of mine! A rich, shimmery maroon that is super smooth and highly pigmented.

Neptune – A bright matte blue. Swatching this shade left me a little disappointed as it came across sort of chalky and not as pigmented as I had hoped. I’ve yet to try it with a primer or base though so I’m not giving up hope yet!

Bada Bing – SO pretty! A deep, rich brown with flecks of gold. Everything about it reminds me of fall which just makes me love it more.

Vanilla Bean – A very light, nearly matte beige. It blended right in with my skin but I see this being a good all over base color or under brow highlight. Shades like this are the ones that I seem to run out of the quickest!

Chickadee – I’m so into Chickadee! It’s a matte yellow orange. In the pan it looks almost like a deep, mustard yellow but it swatches to something slightly more subtle and orange. It’s a pretty unique shade and I see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches

Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches
Makeup Geek Pigments. Top – Sweet Dreams. Left – Vegas Lights. Right – Liquid Gold.

I’ve got to start by saying these pigments are stunning! They are so beautiful, smooth and buildable. Be careful with these as, like all pigments, they can be a little messy but the color impact you get is worth it.

Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches - Sweet Dreams, Liquid Gold & Vegas Lights.
Without flash. L-R: Sweet Dreams, Liquid Gold & Vegas Lights.
Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches - Sweet Dreams, Liquid Gold & Vegas Lights.
With flash. L-R: Sweet Dreams, Liquid Gold & Vegas Lights.

Sweet Dreams – A lovely light beige pink shimmer that has a place in many different looks.

Liquid Gold – Wow, this shade is stunning and it surpassed my expectations on so many levels. The color itself is a gorgeous metallic gold that leans a little on the green side. The pigmentation and texture is ridiculous. It was so smooth and glided across my skin like butter while easily building up on itself. Definitely my favorite pigment & possibly my favorite shade of the whole bunch.

Vegas Lights – This copper shimmer is a gorgeous color but the texture of it was not quite as great as the other pigments. It took a little more effort to build up and had more fallout but considering how beautiful it is (and how much I love copper), I can work with it.

My favorites based on color, pigmentation & texture are Mermaid, Last Dance, Purely Naked, Bada Bing, Chickadee & Liquid Gold! Which Makeup Geek shades do you like best?

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  1. The swatches are very pretty, but the pigments look so rich and vibrant! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  2. Would love to give them a try. But shipping to Germany is kinda expensive and I can´t afford that right now. Meh, but great overview, thanks for charing.

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