MAC Lip Liners in Soar, Stone and Nightmoth

Ahh, lip liners. Once upon a time I used to think that lip liners just weren’t a necessity in my makeup routine but looking back I can now see the err of my ways. Okay, so lip liners usually aren’t going to make or break your whole look but damn they can be really, really useful!


For a long time the only lip liners I had were NYX’s Slim Lip Pencil and I have a lot of them. (Should I do a post on these?) I’d never used another lip liner before, I was happy with what they were doing and they’re super cheap so what’s not to love? But then I won a giftcard on Savvyist and decided to treat myself to my first MAC lip liner to see what all the buzz was about. And within the same week, I went out and bought two more. So yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

The first thing I noticed is that they are quite soft and glide on so easily, leaving behind a full opaque line. I like to apply a lip balm to my lips while doing my makeup so that they’ll be nice and soft when it comes time to apply lipstick but my other lip liners just couldn’t cope with the remnants of my lip balm and didn’t apply very well over the slick texture of it. Not a problem for these MAC lip liners!

Another impressive thing about these liners is the staying power! These liners really just go and go and go. Even when my lipstick starts to fade, these liners are still visible and  usually still nearly perfectly in place. This can create a bit of an unfortunate Cholaesque look if you aren’t careful but the staying power is super impressive, none the less!

In addition to keeping your lip products from bleeding, lip liners have several other useful benefits. A sharpened pencil makes it far easier to create precise lines vs. just applying lipstick straight out of the tube. You can also use your liner to “correct” any little mishaps you may have after applying your lipstick. These lip liners are quite matte and have some real staying power so they also make a fantastic base to make your lipsticks even  longer lasting! Just fill in your entire lip with liner first, apply lipstick on top and now you have a great matte base for added longevity.

MAC Lip Line Swatches in Soar, Stone and Nightmoth
MAC Lip Liner Swatches in Soar, Stone and Nightmoth
MAC Soar

My perfect pinky neutral shade. I ADORE this color for casual but still so put together lips.

MAC Lip Liner in Soar

MAC Stone

Swoon. Words can’t really express my love for Stone. I love the greyish brown tones of this shade on its own or with similar lipsticks but it also pairs beautifully and can make a gorgeous ombre effect with nudes and light pinks when blended well. By the way, Stone is only available online or at MAC Pro stores.

MAC Lip Liner in Stone

MAC Nightmoth

Nightmoth is another winner. Great for darker lip colors and it makes a beautiful dark base to deepen your red and purple shades.

MAC Lip Liner in Nightmoth

In a nutshell, these lip liners are a worthwhile investment to any makeup collection and I can’t wait to collect more shades! What are you favorite lip liners,  whether it be MAC or any other brand?


10 thoughts on “MAC Lip Liners in Soar, Stone and Nightmoth

  1. Hi! Loved the review, just letting you know though that Stone is actually available in MAC stores– its just usually sold out. ^_^

    1. Really?? I didn’t have any reason to think it was online only so I went to two separate MAC stores asking for it and both stores told me it was an online only shade! Weird. Edit – I think they actually said online OR MAC Pro stores only.

  2. I’ve been really wanting Stone lipliner because I heard it’s great under MAC Rihanna Viva Glam II and Lime Crime Cashmere. I didn’t realize it was an online only shade though, so thanks for the info! I might end up getting that and Nightmoth to pair up with Life’s Entropy Blackbody. Thanks for the swatches!

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  3. Wow I so need Stone! I’ve fallen hard for greigey brownish lip colours ever since I tried Lime Crime Cashmere. I have Nightmoth too but I can’t seem to make it look as nice by itself as you have here, it’s very dry on me.

    1. I still haven’t broken and bought Cashmere yet but I’ve been lusting over it since it came out! I’m probably going to have to grab one when they restock again.

    1. Definitely transferproof-ish! Not totally transfer proof but matte and they hang around for a very long time.

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