MAC Blue Brown Pigment Swatch

I must start out by saying that photos do not do this gorgeous pigment justice! You have to see it in person to get the full effect. After lusting after it for a while, I finally picked this up a few days ago and I adore it.

MAC Blue Brown Pigment

MAC Blue Brown Pigment

MAC Blue Brown Pigment has a frost finish and is described as brown with blue/green pearl. It shifts shades causing it to look anywhere from blue, to green to brown depending on the lighting and angle it’s viewed at. Due to the fact it shifts shades, I think MAC Blue Brown is a really easy to use pigment. The shade itself offers a lot of depth making it simple to create a very complete eyeshadow look using it with another color or two or simply on it’s own.

Over bare skin this shade appears a little subdued and very wearable but you can always take it up a notch by applying it over a white or black base for more impact.

MAC Blue Brown Pigment


MAC Blue Brown Pigment


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4 thoughts on “MAC Blue Brown Pigment Swatch

  1. LOVE THIS! Can you tell me how you applied this (wet/dry) and if your wearing anything else with this. Also what liner did you use for your top lid. Gorgeous!!!!:)))

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