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Hey there! So if you didn’t see my previous post on the package that I received from Lit Cosmetics recently and the quick look that I did with it, you can take a look at it here.

I received seven gorgeous shades of this lovely glitter! Lit Cosmetics offers 4 sizes of glitter from very, very fine to larger pieces of glitter. All of the shades I received were size 2, except for Abba which is size 3. You can clearly see the difference in the size of the glitter particles in Abba compared to the others.

My arm looks a little dark in this picture but I felt like this photo best shows the true colors of the glitters.

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Swatches
Lit Cosmetics Glitter Swatches – L-R: Mexican Lucky, Pura Vida, Afternoon Delight, Abba, True Romance, Sweet Pea and Hello Sunshine

So as you can see, the glitters themselves are stunning but how is the adhesive? Well, as it turns out it is absolutely wonderful!

Prior to receiving the Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, I was using Urban Decay’s Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive. The UD Adhesive doesn’t specify anywhere if it is or is not eye-safe but I feel like it isn’t a great product for use on your eyes. I do not have sensitive eyes or skin and practically never have a reaction to anything but the Urban Decay Bondage would always cause my lids to burn just a tiny bit. Not nearly enough to want to run and wash it off but just enough to definitely notice it. It would also sometimes leave my lids a little red at the end of the day. The Lit Cosmetics adhesive caused absolutely no adverse reaction on me whatsoever though!

In addition to being perfectly comfortable to wear, the adhesive also held glitter incredibly well! When I applied this glitter to my eyes, I literally had no initial fall out. It just stuck and stayed. By the end of the day, I had so little glitter fall out under my eyes that I probably could have counted the little individual glitter particles on one hand. To make this even more impressive, it all removed easily with a makeup remover wipe and a little water.

Another thing that I noticed was, that by some incredible miracle, the Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base did not glue my brush bristles together! I ran my finger over the brushes that I had used to apply this after they had had time to completely dry and the brush bristles were just as soft as ever and not all stuck together.

One curious little tool that I received is the Spark-L Duster. It’s basically a cotton like ball encased in a mesh wrap. If you’ve ever worked with  glitter before, I’m sure you know how the stuff can really just stick to your skin and it seems like no amount of wiping or dusting it off really removes all of the glitter. This little product seems really basic and I wasn’t quite sure it would do much of anything but it actually did its job really well! I had some random glitter on my arms from doing the swatches so I dusted this little baby over those areas and it just knocked all of the loose glitter right off! Granted I haven’t tried using this to remove glitter that’s landed on my foundation yet so I’m not positive how it would perform there.

Lit Cosmetics Spark-L Duster

All in all, I’m really thrilled with what I received and the adhesive is just down right impressive!


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    1. It surprised me that it actually worked but it did a good job! In the mean time, scotch tape ain’t bad either. 😉

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