Lime Crime Velvetine Review in Salem

Nom…chocolate… :mrgreen:
Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

Today I want to share a review of Lime Crime’s Velvetine in Salem, aka my latest obsession!


Packaging: Attractive plastic tube with doe foot applicator. 9/10

Longevity: Long lasting and practically transfer-proof. Will probably need a touch up after meals. 8/10

Application: Easy to apply with the included doe foot applicator. 9/10

Texture: Liquid lipstick that dries very matte. 8/10

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

I waited a long time to buy Lime Crime’s Velvetine in Salem and I totally regret not getting it sooner! I mean, the color is just flat out freaking fabulous but the formula is also really impressive!

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

The Lime Crime Velvetines comes in a clear tube with a doe foot applicator. Some people say they find doe foot applicators difficult to deal with but I actually think quite the opposite! I find it really easy to get a nice precise application with them.

When applying this product, less is really more. You only need a small amount to cover your whole mouth and I find that one dip in the tube is usually plenty. The liquid dries down to a very matte finish within a couple of minutes and once it’s on, it’s on! This lipstick is transfer-proof, touch-proof and even kiss-proof, just ask my husband! 😉

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

Because of the very matte, very long lasting nature of this lipstick, it is not moisturizing but I also don’t feel like it sucks moisture out of my lips. In fact, I find it rather comfortable and easy to wear but if you have really dry lips, you might have a different experience. Of course you can always add a dab of balm under it for added moisture but that will cut down on it’s longevity and ability to not transfer.

This lipstick holds up like a champ throughout the day, even spending the whole day drinking without a straw. It probably will need a little touch up after meals as it did fade a little for me in the center of my lips after eating. No biggie though, the Lime Crime Velvetines are still damn impressive!

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

Lime Crime’s Salem is a gorgeous dark chocolate brown shade with slight reddish undertones that I haven’t seen anything quite like in other brands. Oh, and it makes your teeth look oh-so-white! 😀 P.S. I’ve got a full face picture wearing Salem in a previous post here.

So let’s get on to the swatches of my beautiful, beautiful Salem!

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem
Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem swatch
Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem
Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem swatch


Also how about a little fun lip art with Salem? 😛 For this I applied Salem then dabbed MAC’s Styled in Sepia in the center of my lips to create a slight ombre effect. I topped it off with some glitter from Lit Cosmetics in the shades Mexican Lucky and Sweet Pea, a dab of gloss and ta-da! Lip art! On this note,  I entered this lip art in a contest recently on Savvyist! If you like it and could go here and vote for me by clicking the little heart, I would really super appreciate it!! Also check out all of the other lovely contestants while you’re there as well as Savvyist in general, which is a new-to-the-scene beauty site!

Glitter lip art with Lime Crime and Lit Cosmetics

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime Velvetines yet? I want their newest shade, Cashmere, in the worst kind of way! <3


20 thoughts on “Lime Crime Velvetine Review in Salem

  1. Bite Beauty’s matte crayon in Cognac looks very similar (albeit not as matte) for those who do have horribly dry lips! It may be more comfortable. I love this color so much!

  2. I’m absolutely in love with this color. It’s never in stock when I have the money to purchase it. If you ever come across a dupe for this color.. Please inform me! Lol

    1. try NYX’s Matte in Maison. I don’t have the Salem and can’t compare but I’ve bout the NYX after reading that it was dupe for Salem. It’s not as matte, though. I find it to be a little more on satin side, but I love it.

      1. Maison is absolutely on my to-get list! I love the formula of the NYX Matte Lipsticks so much and Maison is just gorgeous. It’s hard to find in stores though!

    2. Hey girl! =D That’s a bummer but according to some of my readers, Bite Beauty’s Cognac and NYX’s Maison might be good alternatives!

    3. Yep, Maison is a very close dupe and jordana easyliner retractable pencil in coco loco is similar to salem but not exact. You can pair it with maison or wear it on its own. Its def worth a try.

  3. ugh I want this a lot a lot a lot. I never really very seriously considered Velvetines as all of them were such dupable colors for so much, but this made me rethink a little, and now that Cashmere…damn.

    I still won’t buy it for $32(with shipping) but it looks like a bomb on you!

    I was very much on a liquid to matte binge last year and I found MUA Luxe to have quite nice ones for quite an ok price. They’re not such a dead-on texture as they start peeling in the middle from the inner side after a meal(and if you apply too thickly from your saliva) but are easily to re-apply. When I bought them they only had 5 shades and I got Kooky(it’s sooo violet I love it) and Funk(I don’t often reach for a pink lipstick but if I do 8/10 of the time it’s this one). Since then they came out with couple of more colors alas nothing too exciting. They are on my “lipsticks to buy” list, though.

    1. Ouch. That’s steep with shipping! I managed to snag this from Sephora with a 20% off coupon and free shipping for $16 total. 😛 I got lucky there.

  4. Your lips look so yummy! 😀
    If you ever thinking of marriage for your lips, would you consider me? Haha okay, that’s so creepy. I really need some sleep. 😀

  5. How would you compare this to the KVD liquid ones? I have Vampira, which is already dark and yummy enough, but this one, omgosh <3

    1. Both have their strong points. I actually feel like the KVD ones are longer lasting but at the same time, I think they’re also less comfortable and more drying.

  6. I love salem but i don’t like limecrime so i dont purchase their products.
    However, salem looks awesome on you, I’ll def vote for you.

    1. Nope. This is actually the only Lime Crime product I ever purchased and I only purchased it because I really like the color and it was temporarily available on Sephora so I got it from them and paired it up with a coupon to feel better about giving Lime Crime any sort of money. lol I won’t be throwing this product away but I also definitely won’t be purchasing anything else from them.

  7. Can I ask what nail polish that is? It’s a bit hard to see but looks like something I would love!

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