Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Duo

Kaplan MD is a luxury beauty and skincare company that will soon be making a debut at Sephora. I hadn’t heard of Kaplan MD before so when they contacted me with an offer to try one of their products, I was really excited to give it a shot and relay my thoughts to all of you!

Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Duo

The Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Duo contains both their Lip 20 Mask (9.5g) and their Lip 20 Balm (5g) and it will be retailing as a Sephora exclusive for $23. I was told that they would be launching at Sephora this month although I’m not certain on the exact date so keep an eye out!

This set boasts that it plumps lips instantly, exfoliates and smooths fine lines with papaya enzymes, hydrates and nourishes with 22 organic extracts and hyaluronic acid as well as protects against sun damage with SPF 20.

If I’m not wearing lipstick, I’m always wearing lip balm so to test out the Perfect Pout set, I made myself go several hours without my lip balm before hand so I could really see what this set was all about.

  • Step 1 – Start with dry, unhappy lips.
  • Step 2 – Apply a generous layer of the Lip 20 Mask to the entire lip area as well as the area around your lips. Wait about 5 minutes. Within that time, most of the Lip 20 Mask will adsorb into your skin but you may wipe off any excess with a tissue. I also experience a tingling and cooling sensation during this step, presumably the plumping action doing its job. The sensation was mild and pleasant though.
  • Step 3 – Apply the Lip 20 Balm to seal in hydration and protect with SPF.
  • Step 4 – Enjoy your new insanely soft and kissable lips!  😛

Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Duo

So what do I think about the Kaplan MD Perfect Pout set? As you can see from the pictures, these products definitely did plump up my lips and make a noticeable difference reducing lines! The Lip 20 Mask probably won’t give you the appearance of  full-on, super pouty, silicone-injected looking lips but it certainly plumped mine up, minimizing the appearance of lines and left me with fuller, healthier looking lips.  The extra fullness lasted about 2-3 hours for me. So like with most plumping products, don’t expect this to be an all day fix but I’m still pleased with my results. The Lip 20 Balm also has a really nice texture. It feels thick and hydrating yet not at all sticky. Just incredible. It also stays on your lips really well and can last for hours, depending on your eating and drinking.

So while the plumping action is definitely noticeable, the thing that really blew me away with this set is how damn moisturizing it is! My lips were not very chapped before hand, just dry but it literally just amazed me with how incredibly hydrated, soft and just over-all amazing my lips felt after using the Perfect Pout Duo. I don’t know how to convey to you guys how great this makes my lips feel other than just telling you that they feel downright heavenly!

Okay, now I know this is sounding real ravey over here so I feel like I need to mention that this is my 100% honest opinion of this product and I’m not fudging this review at the request of any PR person! While I did receive this product for free this post is not sponsored, I was not paid for this, I was not even asked to post this on my blog. I had originally just planned on making an Instagram post but I liked this so much that I wanted to share it on here as well. 

My normal go-to lip product is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I seriously feel like I can’t live without the stuff. I use it every single day and it always keeps my lips so nice, soft and hydrated. And while there’s no chance of anyone prying my beloved Rosebud Salve away from me, I have to say the Perfect Pout Duo honestly makes my lips feel better and I see myself using this product a lot in the future, especially in preparations for matte or hard to wear lip colors.

So there you have it! In a nut shell, this does plump and smooth lines although it probably won’t give you that lip injection look, it is super moisturizing and just makes your lips feel all around amazing so keep an eye out for Kaplan MD’s Sephora launch!

Even though Kaplan MD hasn’t launched at Sephora just quite yet, they are being sold at several other retailers. Have you guys tried any products from them? Do you think you’ll be giving the Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Duo a shot?


10 thoughts on “Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Duo

  1. My lips are so dry and chapped at the moment this sounds like a life saver! But ordering from Sephora is a bit costly postage wise so I might try the Smith’s Rosebud Salve first!:)

    1. If you can get your hands on it, it’s definitely worth a shot! It’s only like 6 USD and I love it so much that I always have two at a time. lol

  2. I received a mini tube sample of the lip mask in one of my makeup hauls last year. I’ve been using it but not too often.. I don’t think it gives me the lasting effect I would have wanted to but I do like the way it feels on my lips and I like the subtle taste too! Actually I prefer the latter, haha. I don’t know if I want to purchase a full-sized one. I guess I need to try the Rosebud Salve everyone’s been raving about!

    1. Yeah, it would have been nice if the plumping effect lasted longer but I still can’t get over how well the combination of the two products make my lips feel! And Rosebud Salve is great stuff! If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should.

    1. Sephora sells it, girl! I’ve also seen it at Anthropologie and I think a few other retailers have it as well.

  3. I am 66yrs old and use to have beautiful full lips, never smoked in my life but have wrinkles around my lips and on my lips, I am terrified of needles this product you are showing me and I am reading, does Sephora have samples that I can try? It sounds too good to be true! Thank you Norma

    1. Hi Norma! Sephora usually will offer samples of anything they can so if you go into a store and ask, they’re probably very accommodating! They also have a great return policy so if you try this and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, there’s nothing to loose. Hope it works for you!

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