JORD Wood Watch Review

JORD Wood Watch in Koa and Rose Gold

A while ago I was contacted by JORD Wood Watches to see if I would be interested in trying out one of their products for review. Now, I’m normally not much of a watch person but when I went to their website to view their products, my mind was changed!

I’d honestly never came across a wooden watch before but I was completely taken aback by how beautiful & unique their timepieces are and that’s when I decided I’d like to try one out for myself!

Jord is Swedish for earth, soil & land and the elements of nature have been paired so perfectly with elegance, style and craftsmanship to produce a truly stunning and eye-catching timepiece.

The watch that I choose is the Kao & Rose Gold from the Cora series. Upon opening the box, I found that the watch comes housed in a lovely little wooden box with a slide out lid.

JORD Wood Watch Review

And inside of the lovely little box sat my beautiful new JORD Wood Watch resting on it’s pillow.

JORD Wood Watch in Koa and Rose Gold

Here’s an up close and personal view of the watch face which is adorned with Swarovski Crystals and a round aperture that showcases the beautifully intricate automatic movement of the watch.

JORD Wood Watch in Koa and Rose Gold

Even the back of the watch is wholly mesmerizing in it’s complexity and beauty.

JORD Wood Watch Review

JORD Wood Watches are considered splash proof, meaning you don’t need to take any extreme caution with everyday activities but it is not water proof so remember to remove this beauty before taking a shower or diving into the pool!

JORD Wood Watch in Koa and Rose Gold

This watch feels lightweight and natural on the wrist with sturdy and easy to release & secure clasps. Also there is no weird clinking of the wooden links as the watch moves.

Each JORD watch comes with a 12 month warranty and while I’ve only had this watch for about 2 months now, it’s still just as perfect as the day it arrived! JORD also has guides and assistance on what size to choose to make it easy for people like me who have no idea what their wrist size is. 😛 And just incase you goof, they include a couple of extra links that can be added by a jeweler.

All in all, I feel like my JORD Wood Watch is an impressive show of craftsmanship and a truly unique piece of wrist candy!

Also, I know you guys are gonna want the details to this makeup! 😛 I tried to do a makeup look inspired by my pretty new watch and I really loved the way it came out! Probably one of my favorite looks I’ve done, in fact!

For my eyes, I’m using the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack, MAC’s Antiqued, Makeup Geek’s Peach Smoothie, Creme WSP lashes & mixed loose mica with KIKO’s Mixing Solution to create my eyeliner! My brows, as always lately, is the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown.

Brown Smokey Eye with Rose Gold Eyeliner

Brown Smokey Eye with Rose Gold Eyeliner

For the rest of my face up there, I’m wearing OFRA’s Liquid Lipstick in Bel Air and that absurdly awesome, super glowy highlight is from the OFRA Illuminating Blush Stripes. As always, if you order anything from OFRA Cosmetics, I have a never ending code for 30% off site-wide! Just use “Sultry30” at checkout. No commission for me, just $$ off for you guys! The more I use my OFRA products, the more I truly love them! I have several more products from them that still haven’t made appearances on my blog so if you need suggestions on what’s good from OFRA, ask away!

So what do you guys think about these wooden watches from JORD? I always love to hear your thoughts! One more little thing I want you guys to know! Although the JORD links are personalized to me, I get no commission on these watches. It’s simply for tracking purposes! 🙂

Also, I’m going to be making an exciting announcement on here soon! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA lately but trust me, I have a good reason & I’m definitely not disappearing! Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. I’m so crazy JELLY! That’s my dream watch! But it’s bound to be even more enpensive inspite of living in Sweden (I don’t know why that is really), so I better start saving up now..!

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