Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour

Guys and gals, I am going to Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour this weekend in Detroit and I seriously can hardly contain my excitement!

This will be my first ever makeup related event that I’ve attended, my first time in Detroit and best of all, I will be graced with the presence of Jeffree Star himself! Swooon. 

I found out about his Ohio tour date literally like two days after it was over and was slightly heartbroken until I realized that Detroit still had spots open. So naturally I texted my babe @crcosmetics & was like “WE HAVE TO GO TO DETROIT!” Both of our hubbies are going to be accompanying us on the trip so we’re just going to make a fun little weekend road trip out of it.

I’ve loved Jeffree Star since high school when he was the queen of Myspace so I’m basically getting to meet my teenage dream here! It’s a 4 hour demonstration class where Jeffree is going to be teaching us all how to be a little more fabulous! There’s also going to be a meet and greet with photos and a free liquid lipstick for everyone.


Like I said, this is my first beauty event ever so I am seriously crazy excited to be in a room full of other makeup lovers and of course Jeffree! Here’s to hoping that I don’t pass out or choke on my words when it comes time to take pictures. hahah

I’m going to try to get some cool photos of the event and the whole trip to share with you guys! Also since this is my first time in Detroit, let a girl know if there is anything that I absolutely must see or do before I leave!


7 thoughts on “Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour

  1. Ahhh I am so excited for you! I’ve followed him since my MySpace days as well. You should snapchat some of the event too 😀

  2. I’m from Detroit and of course the one time I’m out of town my favorite beauty guru comes to town!! Some of the suburbs like Royal Oak and Birmingham are really fun and beautiful. Also there are some great places to check out in Midtown Detroit, along with Campus Martius Park. I hope you enjoy your stay!!

    1. Everything that I saw and did in Detroit was awesome and everyone we encountered was so super friendly! We all had a great time. <3

  3. Curious how it was. His lipsticks look pretty gorgeous online. Do you have any and are they worth trying?

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