Free Lash Friday at Oh My Lash!

Free Lash Friday at Oh My Lash is upon us once again! I told you guys I’d let you know when the next Free Lash Friday event happened and I just received the email this morning!

Free Lash Friday Oh My Lash

Oh My Lash is giving away 4 pairs, the entire Naturalista collection, valued at $23.96 for free! The Naturalista collection looks super pretty so I’m really excited about this! This event starts at 9am PST and is on a first come, first serve basis. Quantities are limited and last time they ran out so don’t put off placing your order if you want to get in on this awesome deal!

Since this event isn’t live just yet, I’m not 100% about the shipping but last time I know all you had to do was pay for shipping and it was less than $6 within the US. $6 for 4 pairs of shipped lashes is a pretty fabulous deal and an awesome way to try out a new brand of lashes!

The promo code that I received in the email isΒ #i<3OMLfR33L@$hFr1D@y. The product page for the Free Lash Friday event says that if you’re already on their mailing list that you should have already received a code, which I am. It also says that if you aren’t already on the list that you need to sign up for their mailing list in the bottom right corner of the site and then they will send you a code! So I’m not sure if the code that I received only works for accounts associated with email addresses already on their list or not but if so, just do a quick sign up to get a new code and get some free lashes because free lashes are the best lashes! πŸ˜›

Go get them free lashes, dolls!!


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  1. I was on the email list but hadn’t received my code yet so I tried yours and it worked!! So excited πŸ˜€ Thank you!

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