Some of my favorite brushes!

I’ve had several people ask me to make a post talking about some of my favorite makeup brushes so I figured I’d better get to it. I’m a brush junkie and could probably sit down and write a novel if I wanted to talk about all of my favorite brushes but for the sake of this blog post and everyone’s sanity, I’ll just pick a few for now!

Favorite Makeup Brushes

Sigma E30

The Sigma E30 is a really useful little brush. The soft yet firm tapered bristles are well suited for many tasks around the eye such as smudging eyeliner, applying shadow to your lower lash line, creating defined lines in your crease or outer V and also for applying highlighting shades to the small areas in the inner corner of your eyes. Having a pencil brush in your collection is really an invaluable tool and I find myself using this particular one often.

Favorite Makeup Brushes Sigma E30

Sonia Kashuk Tapered Brush

I’ve never used any Sonia Kashuk makeup products but I almost exclusively use her makeup remover and I also think she makes some pretty nice brushes for the price point. This particular brush came in a set of eyeshadow brushes that I got about three years ago and I still use all of those brushes to this day. I really like this brush for applying eyeshadow to my crease as well as to my outer V area when I don’t want the outer V area to be super defined. I’m not positive if this particular brush is still being sold but this one seems remarkably similar!

Favorite Makeup Brushes Sonia Kashuk

Urban Decay Shadow Brush

I believe this Urban Decay Shadow Brush actually came with my Naked Palette and while it isn’t my favorite for applying pressed eyeshadow, I do really love it for other tasks such as applying loose pigment and glitter. The brush head is flat, dense and rounded at the top. The densely packed and shapely bristles make it ideal for picking up and patting down loose pigments and glitter. I’ve had this brush for about 2 years now and I’ve yet to notice it ever loose a bristle, start to fray or any of that jazz. It’s held up really, really well.

Favorite Makeup Brushes Urban Decay Shadow Brush

MAC 217

Ahh, the MAC 217 has quite the reputation and is sort of a cult favorite among makeup enthusiasts. All of the hype around this brush isn’t without warrant though, it really is a great brush to have in your collection! This is primarily marketed as a blending brush and it truly does a fantastic job of blending eyeshadow but that isn’t the only thing it’s good at. In addition to blending eyeshadow, it’s also great for applying diffused eyeshadow. For example, dipping this brush into your eyeshadow color then applying it to your eye will create a sort of diffused effect vs. a concentrated wash of color. This is particularly useful for transition and crease shades. Other uses for this brush include contouring small areas of the face such as the nose as well as applying and blending concealer. I feel like my blending game was instantly amped up by the purchase of this brush.

Favorite Makeup Brushes MAC 217

Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Brush

The Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush is a really lovely eyebrow brush and the one I most often reach for. The bristles are firm without being uncomfortable or scratchy and are really nice for applying and dispersing eyebrow products, both powders and gels/cream such as Dipbrow. The spoolie on the other end of the brush is great for brushing through your brows to blend your product and give your brows a more natural appearance. I also like how the spoolie is a little on the smaller side because large spoolies can be just awkward to use on your brows. Once upon a time silly me thought I could just use an angled liner brush on my brows and while that basically works, the thinness of a liner brush makes it take significantly longer to do your brows than the slightly wider brush head of an eyebrow brush. The point is, if you do your eyebrows investing in a proper brow brush can really make your life easier!

Favorite Makeup Brushes Anastasia Beverly Hills #12

Beauty Blender

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a brush per se but I couldn’t just exclude my Beauty Blender from this list. I use this little gem to apply my foundation and concealer on a daily basis and really like the results it gives. To use this sponge, it needs to be damp. You just hold it under running water until it’s saturated, squeeze out the excess water and then you’re ready to go! You disperse the product on your face by gently bouncing the sponge over your skin in sort of a stippling motion. I generally use the side of the Beauty Blender to apply my foundation and the pointed end of the sponge to apply and blend my concealer. I actually have two of these and sometimes I use one of them to apply and blend cream contour shades. I’ll just apply with the pointed end and blend it out with the bottom or side.

Favorite Makeup Brushes Beauty Blender

If you guys have any more questions about these brushes or need suggestions for other types of brushes, just ask away and I’ll try my best to help. Hope you found this useful!


12 thoughts on “Some of my favorite brushes!

  1. I got so excited seeing the title of this post! With the VIB sale coming up, are there any other brushes you would recommend I check out that would be available at Sephora?

    1. Whew. I am already scared for the VIB sale. lol I just keep thinking of more and more things that I need! Unfortunately, many of the brushes that I use aren’t sold at Sephora but I do have a couple of Make Up For Ever brushes that I really like! The 274 is another great brow brush and the 124 is a fantastic kabuki! I’ve been using my kabuki for a couple of years and I always carry it around in my makeup bag in my purse. Despite it constantly getting beat around in my purse, it’s still in fantastic shape. No bent bristles, no loss of bristles, etc.

    1. I just wash it when I wash my other brushes. I rub my soap mixture into it, lather it up and keep squeezing it under water until the water runs clear and the Beauty Blender looks clean. You might have to do this a couple of times before it’s all clean.

      1. I’m fairly new to the make up game. Or rather, I’m new at being more serious about and caring what kind of product I order. I’m just now starting to build my brush collection into something that isn’t Wal-Mart purchased. With that said, what is the best way to maintain my brushes? With wal-mart ones, I could simply dispose of them when they became grimy or used, but if I am going to invest in nice product, I need to know how to care for it!

        What is your soap mixture and what is your cleaning regime? If you’ve done a post on this before, I’m sorry. Please link me and I’ll read there!

        Thanks so much! I’ve bookmarked your blog and look forward to back-reading your material.

        1. Hey there! People use different methods and ingredients to wash their brushes but this is how I clean mine. I ideally like to wash my brushes about once a week but if you are prone to acne or break outs, it’s probably best to at least wash your face brushes on a daily basis.

          I mix Dawn dish detergent and olive oil together in a little bowl, about 1.5 parts Dawn to 1 part olive oil. I use the Dawn for it’s antibacterial purposes and the olive oil is to help recondition the brushes, because Dawn alone would really dry them out, as well as to break down stubborn makeup. Mix it up so it’s all blended together. I then just wet the brush head and dip my brushes into a little of the mixture and swirl them around gently on the palm on my hand. You’ll start to see the makeup coming out. Once it looks like it’s getting clean, rinse the brush under under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. If it won’t run clear or if the brush still looks dirty, just dip it back in the mixture and repeat.

          Make it a point to keep your brush head pointing down when running water over it. Getting water into the ferrule (area where all the brush bristles are gathered together) can loosen the glue over time and cause your brush to fall apart.

          It isn’t ideal to let your brushes dry flat or upright because water hanging around in the ferrule is no good so you want to try to rig up a way for them to be able to dry with the brush head pointing downwards. You might have to get creative here. lol I use Blu Tack to hang my brushes up on the wall and let them dry over night. Some people say Blu Tack leaves a oily residue on their walls though but you could potentially avoid this by taping or thumb tacking a poster board to the wall and then using the Blu Tack on the poster board.

          I use this method on both natural and synthetic brushes and haven’t had any problems. Hope this helps! =)

  2. Honestly, I’ve never understood why the Beautyblender needs to be used wet. I love mine, but almost never wet it before applying my foundation. It doesn’t seem like it performs any differently or more product is needed when I use it dry. Just a mystery to me!

    1. Saturating it with water first definitely affects the finish it gives your vs. using it dry. Dry sponges will also soak up liquids like foundation. But hey, if it works for you then why fix what isn’t broken? 😉

  3. Wow, have you ever considered doing copywriting for beauty brands or websites? These are really nice descriptions!

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