Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hey guys! I was playing around with my Makeup Geek eyeshadows the other day and came up with this lovely fall inspired look and I thought I would make a tutorial and share with all of you. If you’d like to see swatches of all of my Makeup Geek shadows and pigments, you can check those out here.

This is the look we’ll be creating today!

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

For this eyeshadow look I’ll be using:

  • Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie (light peach matte)
  • Makeup Geek Chickadee (yellow orange matte)
  • Makeup Geek Frappe (medium warm brown matte)
  • Makeup Geek Purely Naked (shimmery tan)
  • Makeup Geek Bada-Bing (deep brown w/ gold glitter)
  • Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean (light beige w/ slight shimmer)
  • LORAC Opal (warm shimmery white gold)

I always start my eyeshadow looks by blotting my lids with an oil blotting sheet and applying my primer. I most often use Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance to keep my shadow in place all day and today is no exception. Use your finger to gently spread a small amount of primer all over your eye, from lash line to brow bone, in the inner corner and I always run a little along my lower lash line as well.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Let’s get started with the shadows! I’m grabbing my beloved Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie to use a transition shade. I’m going to apply that in and above my crease using a large fluffy brush. This transition shade will make our crease colors and our highlighting shade blend together more seamlessly.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Once our transition shade is all blended out, we’re going to get to work on our crease! I’m starting with Makeup Geek’s Chickadee and using a dome brush to apply it the crease of my eye. I want to leave some of my crease still free of eyeshadow for now so avoid getting this shade too far into the inner corner. Blend it out until it’s nice and soft!

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Still using my dome brush, I’m going to take Makeup Geek’s Frappe and apply this to the outer portion of my crease, taking care to make sure it’s blended well with Chickadee.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Next I’m going to use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply Makeup Geek’s Purely Naked on my lid, still leaving the inner corner blank for now. Using the same brush I’m going to pat a little more Frappe onto the outer 1/3 or of my lid to add a little more depth.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Now I’m going to take a pencil brush, I’m using the MAC 219, and dip it into my Makeup Geek Bada-Bing. I’m going to use the pencil brush to draw a sort of a sideways “V” onto the outer portion of my eye and making sure to extend it slightly into my crease and slightly into my lash line. It should look something like this before you blend it out.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Time to grab your blending brush and soften that line! Be careful to keep your movements pretty precise while blending as we want to keep this area sort of sharp and not dust dark brown eyeshadow all over the place.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Moving on to the lower lash line! We’re making progress here! I’m going back to Makeup Geek’s Frappe and placing it along my lower lash line, still ignoring the inner corner.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Back to Bada-Bing and our pencil brush! Use this dark shade to deepen the outer portion of your lower lash line and try to connect this line to the sideways “V” shape we drew earlier.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Almost done so let’s get to highlighting! It’s dependent on the style of eyeshadow but in most cases, I like to save my highlighting shades for last to avoid them getting muddied up by darker shades during blending. I’m using a fluffy blending brush to apply Makeup Geek’s Vanilla Bean under my brow bone. For the inner corner of my eye, I am using Opal from the LORAC Mega PRO Palette. I want this to look all nice and glowy so I’m really packing it on there. I’m putting this all over my inner eye from my lid, to my lash line to the area between the inner corner of my eye and my nose.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Finishing touches! I’m using NYX Wonder Pencil in my waterline to brighten it up a bit. Wrapping this look up with some eyeliner and my new lashes from House of Lashes in Temptress Wispy. And there you have it! One fall eyeshadow tutorial!

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

For the rest of this look, I’m wearing MAC Styled in Sepia on my lips, MUFE HD Foundation in 117 and Anastasia Dipbrow in Medium Brown for my eyebrows.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what kind of tutorials you’d like to see in the future! =)


16 thoughts on “Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

  1. It looks great! You make it look so easy! Very impressed by the blending.

    I’d really love to see more tutorials using the Mega Pro, because I have no idea what to do with it and I expected I’d be able to find more guidance by now! I found one blogger that did three different looks with it, which I appreciated. I always like when bloggers do a few looks using the same palette for those of us who are less creative 😛

    More looks using the Makeup Geek shadows would be good too, I myself just got my first eight shadows from them. Also I’d love to see the pigments used in a look (especially Liquid Gold since it’s soooo beautiful)!

    I guess this isn’t really a tutorial in itself but I’d love to know what your favorite brushes are and which ones you use when you’re doing your tutorials.

    Thanks for being open to suggestions!

    1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ve actually had plans for pretty much all of these but somehow didn’t get around to them or pushed them back a little more. I think it’s time to tackle my to-do list. lol And yes! Liquid Gold is stunning. I’m going to do a look with it real soon. 😉

  2. A truly gorgeous look Ashley! You have such a perfect eye shape for playing around with different looks… Is that a weird thing to say? Anyways, great job love your blog!

    1. Aw, thank you! And I’ve heard that a few times before! haha I guess big lids can be pretty useful in the world of makeup.

    1. Aw, thank you! But yeah, they have some really lovely shadows and a great variety! I keep looking at their website and finding more and more shades that I need. lol

  3. I love that you describe the colors because i have a hard time finding the right words to describe them! Knowing the words helps me to figure out which shades of mine are like that. I know i could use a picture of each shade, but it’s a pain in the ass to Google them. Ahahaha ANYWAY your tutorials are always super helpaul and easy to follow. Can’t wait to do this one!

    1. Whoo! So glad you liked it! =D And yeah, I make it a point to always describe the colors because I know most people aren’t going to have every single shade I’m using and no one wants to search all over the place all for the sake of a tutorial. lol

  4. I know I already commented, but I just want to let you know I have bought 24 MUG eyeshadows now. You converted me into a true MUG eyeshadow believer and I can’t wait to recreate this look once my order comes later this week!

  5. Hia, I have just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say I am loving it so far, I am already writing a list of new things to try based on some of your posts!
    Also followed you on IG, looking forward to seeing more looks from you
    Cat x

    1. Hey there! It’s so awesome to hear that you like my site and found some new goodies to try out! 😀 I just took a look at your site and it’s really lovely as well! So many gorgeous outfits.

  6. Love this look, I dont suppose you have a recommendation for a dupe for the peach smoothie tho, something similar? The mac Samoa Silk is discontinued now 🙁
    Cat x

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