Covergirl Lip Lava Review in Mango Lava and Look It’s Lava!

The Covergirl Lip Lava’s are color packed glosses that come in 9 bold, eyecatching shades and retail for about $8. I stumbled upon these little vials of gorgeousness the other day and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up a couple and try them out! I chose Mango Lava and Look It’s Lava.

Covergirl Lip Lava in Mango Lava and Look It's Lava


Packaging:  Clear tubing to show off the pretty colors! Closes securely. 8/10

Longevity: While it did hang around for several hours, it shifted after about an hour. 4/10

Application: I find the brush difficult to create a precise line and even application with. Wish it was another style. 6/10

Texture:  A little on the sticky/oily side but not too much so for a gloss. 8/10

The pigmentation of these is pretty great, especially for a gloss! They’re quite opaque and pack a real punch of color.

One thing that really sort of bugged me about the Covergirl Lip Lava’s, which is probably just a personal preference, is the brush. I’d much prefer a doe-foot applicator for liquid lipsticks and glosses vs. a regular brush. The bristles on this brush have a tendency to sometimes splay out a little as you’re applying the product and I feel like this style of applicator just makes it far harder to get a clean, even application than a doe-foot style applicator. Does anyone actually prefer this style of brush over doe-foots? This one isn’t nice and firm like a good lip brush you might buy would be.

Covergirl Lip Lava Brush Look It's Lava

The taste of these is a little weird. Initially it tastes a little fruity but that quickly fades away and you’re left with this odd, almost plasticky, taste. It’s not terribly strong but I don’t exactly enjoy the taste of plastic and it really lingers.

The texture of the Covergirl Lip Lava’s isn’t overly sticky, in my opinion. It’s a gloss so of course it is a little sticky but it almost feels a little more oily and moisturizing on the lips than it does sticky.

These Lip Lava’s had some issues with staying power. They hung around for about 4 hours or so but the real problem is that they started shifting around on my lips after just about an hour. The gloss faded from the center of my lips and started collecting around the very bottom and very top of my lips, leaving weird obvious lines of lip gloss.

Covergirl Lip Lava Swatches - Look It's Lava and Mango Lava
Covergirl Lip Lava Swatches – Look It’s Lava and Mango Lava
Look It’s Lava

Pretty, pretty! I really like this fuchsia gloss with its subtle little flecks of reflective purple. Look It’s Lava applied quite opaque and evenly!


Mango Lava

Another pretty, yet slightly more natural, color! I wouldn’t exactly call Mango Lava patchy but as you can see, it didn’t apply as evenly as Look It’s Lava. I can see this adding a really awesome wash of warm glossiness over various lipsticks though. Spring is just around the corner and I’m planning ahead!


I don’t think I’ll be wearing these Covergirl Lip Lava’s by themselves much, mostly due to the weird fading/shifting issue, but I’m very sure I’ll be applying a light layer of these over lipsticks to add some shine and alter the color!

Have you guys tried any of these yet? If so, let me hear your thoughts!

Also I had been asked by a few people to try to feature more drugstore products on my blog since it’s so much more easily accessible and I’ve been really trying to do that lately and despite a few misses, I’ve found a lot of drugstore gems! I hope you guys like the appearance of more drugstore products around here lately. <3


6 thoughts on “Covergirl Lip Lava Review in Mango Lava and Look It’s Lava!

  1. I just returned Look It’s Lava for that brush! I totally agree with your assessment of it. It was a pretty color, but that plus the fact that I found the gloss a bit too thick/sticky for my liking meant this had to go back.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who thought this brush was a terrible choice! It was just too hard to control with such a pigmented gloss.

  2. I’m not a fan of shimmery glosses, so it’s a pass for me, though the colors are beautiful. But knowing it has a lip brush instead of a doe-foot applicator makes it a definite pass. The Revlon HD lip glosses were great, but it cemented for me how much I dislike glosses that come with brush applicators!

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