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After months and months of seeing tantalizing Colourpop swatches all over social media, I finally had to stop resisting and place an order so that I could see what all the hype is about for myself and share my thoughts and review with you guys! Their products are mostly priced between $5 – $8 so they’re quite affordable.

ColourPop Eyeshadow Review

The company is very cutesy, has a huge social media presence and one hell of a marketing team. They also send out quirky handwritten letters in each package which many people apparently think is endearing. Now, I like handwritten messages just as much as the next person but it looses 100% of its charm factor when I see 2000 people a day posting photos of the exact same “unique” message that I received on Instagram all like “Aw, they thought of me! How sweet!” I’d honestly just rather get a “Thanks, Ashley!” because that seems way more sincere but I digress.  I ended up with 7 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 2 lippie stix (I feel so silly saying this), 1 lip pencil and a highlighter sample.


I was so, SO excited to get these in the mail! I mean, you’ve seen the swatches. They look like a million bucks, huh? Well the way these swatch might just be the best thing about them.

ColourPop Swatches in Animal, Roulette, Sequin, Bandit, Girly, So Quiche and Get Lucky

Let’s start at the beginning. I have never felt another makeup product that has the consistency and texture of ColourPop products so it’s difficult to describe what they feel like. It’s like a mousse meets fluffy marshmallow cloud meets firm memory foam pillow. Silly description but that’s really the best way I can describe these. They feel so lovely, soft and smooth under your fingers.

Now here is where the problems begin. ColourPop says that these shadows will do their best when applied with your fingers. Yes, fingers. I haven’t applied eyeshadow with my fingers since I was like 13. There is nothing inherently wrong with it but I simply do not like it because you just can’t be anywhere near as precise with your fingers as you can with brushes so using your fingers is really only ideal when doing very, very simple eyeshadow looks.

Despite really not liking to use my fingers, I did try to do a look patting these babies on with my fingers anyway because it wouldn’t be fair to judge their products without first trying their suggested method of application. The color payoff was certainly there but like I said, so very imprecise. I ended up getting my shades in all the spots I wasn’t trying to get them.

So how about a brush? Mehhh. A dense, flat or fine tipped brush can pick up these shadows decently but they just don’t apply with the same amount of color payoff that I had hoped. In addition to that, sometimes the shadows would pill up leaving me with little balls of shadow on my brushes.

So how do they blend? Mehhh. A few of the shadows blended decently with a blending brush while others took me ages to try to blend out and then they still looked patchy.

Okay, now this might be the one thing about these eyeshadows that irritates me the most. The metallic shades that I received, as well as a pressed pigment, are fucking glitter bombs and not in a good way. In the process of blending these shades it seems as though even as the color is blending and fading away, the glitter is still there full force! Like, it’s extremely unflattering to just have the tiniest wash of color but GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER! I straight up love me some glitter but this just looks unintentional (it is) and bad. And it’s not just where you put it originally. Oh no, this stuff has a way of taking over your whole face and I don’t even know how. Like, I swear I know how to apply eyeshadow but these glittery ColourPop shadows were hard to try to save. I can seriously do a whole eyeshadow look using loose glitter and not get a speck out of place (Lit Cosmetics adhesive is everything!) but I just couldn’t deal with these.

So many of these shades were just so much of a dud to me that I’m not even going to share an eyeshadow look using them with you guys. Mainly because I couldn’t do anything just using these eyeshadows that I would want to share with the world.

Now some people are like “Oh, well they’re way better if you use a white base, or a glitter adhesive or if you stand on your head, cluck like a chicken, say your great-grandmothers name three times and kiss a white rabbit on the mouth!” No. Just no. A multitude of products shouldn’t be necessary just to make this not look like a mess.

I practically never return makeup. Even if a product doesn’t really work out for me, I usually just say it was useful for a blog post and cut my losses but I was so disappointed by these shadows that I wanted my money back. Well jokes on you, suckers because ColourPop doesn’t take returns OR exchanges! Go figure, huh? It’s almost like they could have predicted people would want to return these products.

Okay, so now that we’ve got through this massive rant, is there anything at all redeeming about these shadows since I’m stuck with them? Yes. The lighter shades make quite nice highlighting shades. You can pack them in the inner corner of your eye (I especially love Sequin & Girly for this) or even dab a little under your brow bone and not have to worry too much about blending them out. I could see some of these also being nice for people who want to quickly dab some color on their lid before running out the door. And in addition to that, I’ll probably be trying to find uses for these shadows for the lid portion of cut crease looks since you can just pack it on and not have to worry about trying to blend it.

Despite that fact that I can find some uses for these shadows, I don’t think they offer any real advantage over powder shadows. I do agree that the color payoff with these it significantly better than with most $5 eyeshadows that I’ve came across but the extra effort to try to deal with these just isn’t worth it to me.


At the time of my order everyone was receiving a free sample of their new highlighters and the one that ended up in my package is Stole The Show. This highlighter is actually quite nice! It blends well on my face and in addition to highlighting areas of your face such as your cheekbones, it also looks nice in the corners of your eye, under brow, cupids bow and even the center of your lip if you’re feeling dazzly! This highlighter is quite shimmery, though. I, for one, love a good shimmery highlighter and although it’s very easy to control the amount of product your apply, if you just want to look naturally glowy and dewy, Stole The Show might not be the highlighter for you.

The blush I ordered is Aphrodisiac. I quite like shades of brown lately and thought this might be a nice shade of blush since I don’t have any other similarly colored blushes. While I still think the color is nice, I do not like trying to apply this with my fingers. Just like many of the shadows, this blush does not blend well and I shouldn’t have to spend 5 minutes trying to blend this into my face while simultaneously screwing up my foundation. However, it does work quite well with a stippling brush so if you have a stippling brush, I definitely wouldn’t rule out ColourPop’s blushes!

ColourPop Swatch Stole The Show and Aphrodisiac


On to the Lippie Stix & pencils! ColourPop has a lot of really gorgeous, and some very unique, shades of lip colors. Each of the Lippie Stix can also be bought with a matching pencil so that’s always a plus! The Lippie Stix that I choose were Tootsi and Wet plus a pencil in BFF.

ColourPop Tootsi, Wet and BFF

The Lippie Stix were actually quite nice for the price of $5 and I could see myself ordering more of them. They smell like a delicious vanilla cake, apply smoothly, have nice color payoff and are perfectly comfortable. The wear time on these is pretty average with about 3-5 hours depending on what you’re doing. If you’re eating, you’ll almost certainly need to touch these up afterwards. They aren’t the most long lasting lip color that $5 can buy you (check out the Maybelline Creamy Mattes!) but their certainly worthy of a spot in my collection and they have several more shades that I would love to have.

ColourPop Swatch BFF, Tootsi and Wet

I also really like my BFF pencil. It’s a lovely shade and a fantastically versatile pencil that pairs perfectly with nearly all of your nude lipsticks. It glides easily over your lips and while it does hold up pretty well throughout the day, it isn’t as long lasting as my MAC pencils. It also comes in BFF 2 and BFF 3 for medium and dark skin tones.

ColourPop Swatch BFF
ColourPop Swatch BFF


ColourPop Swatch Tootsi
ColourPop Swatch Tootsi


ColourPop Swatch Wet
ColourPop Swatch Tootsi


So that sums up my experience with ColourPop. While I can definitely see myself picking up a few more of these $5 lip products, I’ll be staying far away from their shadows. I know some people love them but I’m just not one of them.

Have you tried ColourPop yet? I’d love to hear what you think of their products!


18 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul & Review

  1. this is actually the first negative review i’ve heard about their products! i love their shadows to death, but their lipsticks and highlighters are what stole the show for me. i have wisp, and it’s to die for.

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

    1. It seems like people either really love these shadows or really don’t! But yes, I can definitely see more of their lipsticks in my future! So many awesome shades and so affordable!

  2. So first of all, the shade Wet is so gorgeous, and I want it.
    This is the second very honest review of the color pop products (first one by and I agree with everything you said. I think they are great products for the regular girl, who quickly pats some eyeshadow on the lid and walks out the door. I have no use for them, because I do makeup on clients with a brush, and it’s not worth the effort, I prefer using pigments for that extra intensity.
    I would have loved to see a patchy makeup look from you, tat’d be a first!!!


    1. Yes, Wet is a real winner! I can’t actually imagine trying to use these on clients for much of anything. lol It just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But yeah, I just couldn’t bring myself to post the messes I made with these. hahah

  3. I just ordered 5 lip products and thankfully only one eyeshadow, I was going to order more but thank god I had restraint for once.

    I appreciate “negative” reviews like this, I feel like they’re more honest.

    1. Whewww! What eyeshadow shade did you order? The light ones really aren’t so bad for dabbing on areas of the eye to highlight!

  4. Great, just great. I mean really i just ordered 11 shadows on Friday. I however have had a bad experience prior to this order with Colourpop. I ordered 2 lippie stix and did not recieve them for over a month. They ended up sending me 1 other package and then someone elses package in return so i know have 3 of each which is ridiculous. I gave them another chance and ordered a ton of shadows.. I actually dont use a lot of brushes to do my shadow because I like using a spnige applicator on myself for initial application then using s brush to blend, i wonder if that would make a difference?

    1. Ouch. But maybe you’ll like them! Some people genuinely do so I’ll be crossing my fingers for you. And honestly, that might be a better option for these! Let me know how they work out like that!

  5. I like the shadows, but the packaging is kind of bulky for my taste. Most of the colors are dupeable as well for something with better quality. I like applying them with my fingers, but I usually use them as a wash of color since my lids are so small. For the darker color I have, there was a learning curve on how to blend it well but I still get a tiny bit of patchiness.

    Opposite for you, I feel like the lippie stix are kind of meh. For some reason, they’re never precise for me and the mattes don’t set and stay a bit shiny.

    1. Agreed. They just don’t seem to offer any advantage when I can just use a similar powder instead. Bummer about the lipsticks though! So weird how different people can have the same products and have such differing opinions about them. 😛

  6. It’s good to see an honest review because I’m tired of the YT gurus raving over these and calling them “so blendable,” which would be hilarious if it weren’t so dishonest.

    I was on the ColourPop train at first because I adore cream shadows and have been waiting for a collection with a much wider range of shades; the lower price point was the cherry on top. I do like the lighter shades when I use my finger to sweep them all over my lid or when I use a couple on my lid with a brush. It’s fairly easy to do a so-so blending job and still get a decent look.

    The darker colors, however, are a nightmare. Heaven forbid you accidentally tap your brush against your lid too hard and get a small blotch of excess shadow – it will NEVER blend out properly. I do think these work if you are willing to build up the color Very. Slowly. And. Painfully. but why bother with that when powder shadows will give you the look you want with so much less hassle?

    They also need to work on their customer service. A friend of mine got the wrong package and then no response when she contacted customer service. I once contacted them about a website problem that was prohibiting me from ordering and never heard back.

    I’ll keep using my lighter colors and will probably reorder one or two of them for my lazy makeup days, but otherwise I’ll pass.

    1. Thank you! I was honestly expecting something great because of all of the rave reviews but I just wasn’t feeling the shadows. It just seems like they should blend well but most of the shades just didn’t. Luckily I didn’t have any problems with their customer service but you are far from the first person I’ve heard complaining of similar things.

  7. THANK YOU! This review was so refreshing after the flood of “zomg ColourPop is the best brand evar!!1!1!” posts in the past year. I had a similar experience with my first ColourPop order. The note felt insincere, the “metallic” shades were glitterbombs (I ordered Sequin, too, but ended up giving it away), and the “duochrome” shade I tried was one color of shadow with another color of glitter, which is not what the word “duochrome” means to me. I loved the matte eyeshadow in Bill, though, and I’m wearing the Lippie Stix in Frenchie as I write this. I don’t think ColourPop is a bad brand, and there are actually a few more things I want to try from them, but the eyeshadows didn’t live up to the hype for me. Plus, I hit pan on Bill within two months, because the pans are MUCH shallower than they look.

  8. I actually just mad an order 2 days ago with a few of the items you bought – Get Lucky shadow and Tootsi lippie. I’m a little apprehensive about receiving them now! Tootsi looks great on you so that’s not so worrisome but I’m crossing my fingers on the shadows! Like you said, I love glitter as much as the next girl but I did notice in some swatches online from other bloggers that the actual color tends to fade as you blend and the glitter seems to stay… We shall see! Thanks for the honest review.

  9. I’ve heard the best way to use the shadows to blend them out well is with synthetic brushes. Thats what i use when using these shadows and they blend like a dream!

  10. I have quite a few ColourPop eyeshadows (and a half-dozen lippie stix — no blushes), and I don’t have a problem with them. I’m not over-the-moon about them, they just seem like nice, reasonably inexpensive (for the each, not for the quantity) eyeshadows that I can try lots of different colors of because of the price point.

    Most of what I have are the mattes, and I tend to use them as base, all-over-the-eye-and-almost-to-the-browbone colors before applying a look. (For example, I duplicated your Twilight Grunge look with Shop as a base because I don’t have a blue-brown duochrome that creates that warm blendout, and it ended looking exactly like yours with the addition of the warm orange undercoat.) I’m not fond of the lighter (pale) colors — especially the mattes — because most seem to have a chalky appearance, though the texture is fine. Speaking of which, I really like the almost-damp feel of the shadows; it’s soothing on my lids.

    I would never use my fingers; I use soft synthetic brushes, and I don’t experience the patchiness (though some of the darker colors require several swipes, but I experience that with a lot of eyeshadows, price point aside).

    FWIW, Tootsie is my all-time-favorite lipstick shade, and it breaks my heart that it’s limited edition. (As an afterthought, you labeled your last photo “Tootsi,” but I think that’s Wet.)

    Thanks for the review. I do think it helps people to understand that the ColourPop products aren’t the godsend that the whole web seems to think. I tend to think the hubbub is almost entirely over the price point, though it comes out as a gush over the products themselves. I think they’re fine if you go into the experience understanding that it’s about having a “collect ’em all” mentality, rather than an appreciation for high-quality products. I appreciate the ones I have for the way I use them, but I would never use the mattes as a top shadow, only a base, and I completely agree with you about the glitter-bomb shades (So Quiche breaks my heart almost every time I use it — I so want it to be just slightly more reliable!).

  11. oh man! this is the first negative review I have read. Honestly I almost even skipped this post in my blog reader because everyone and their mother reviews these and says basically the same thing. Kinda disappointing to know that they might not be all they are cracked up to be. I definitely want to try like all of the lipsticks though. Since you had a good experience with them, I’m glad. I will still probably pick up one or two eyeshadows just to try them myself but now I know not to go crazy and pick up a bunch!

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