Coastal Scents Black Friday Haul!

I’m proud to report that I somehow managed not to go nuts with all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and ended up only placing one order! Crazy, huh? 😛 Coastal Scents was offering 50% off of their ENTIRE website. Their stuff is already really affordable, so it was a steal at half off and I just couldn’t pass that up. So without further adieu, I present to you my Coastal Scents Black Friday Haul!

Coastal Scents Haul

For a grand total of $17, shipping included, I snagged 3 brushes and 4 pots of their glitter powders. My order also came with a 4 shade sampler of the Revealed Palette and a nifty little sticker!

Coastal Scents can sometimes be a little hit or miss but this order turned out to be mostly a hit. Plus for the price I paid, I totally feel like I got more than my money’s worth.

The brushes that I ordered were the Classic Blender Crease Natural, Pro Blending Fluff and Classic Shadow Angle Natural. I had ordered a big set of brushes from Coastal Scents about 2 years ago and there ended up being a lot of winners in that set. They’ve all held up really well and I still use many of them almost daily. During the sale their individual brushes were only about $1 each so I figured “Hey, what have I got to lose?” Well, the answer turned out to be about $2.

The first brush here, the Classic Blender Crease Natural, turned out to be the only one I would really recommend but I am pretty happy with it. It’s a nice little crease brush, very soft, pretty much performs just as I had hoped! The other brushes were pretty disappointing though. The Pro Blending Fluff actually did a pretty good job of blending but it was soo rough! My brush holder has tons of inexpensive brushes in it but I’ve never really had a brush actually be so rough that it left my skin feeling a little painful until now. The Classic Shadow Angle brush was just as rough as the Pro Blending Fluff but it had more problems on top of that. Several of the bristles were stuck together with what I assume was glue so I had to snip that out, making the brush a little misshapen. But snipping out the glue still couldn’t save this brush because like I said, it was just uncomfortably rough.

Coastal Scents Brushes

The glitters, on the other hand, were just super! They’re normally $4.95 for 5g of glitter and their website suggests using them on your eyes so I’m going to assume that they’re eye-safe. Coastal Scents has a pretty decent selection of colors and I am SO going to be ordering more of these beauties! I picked up the shades Starburst, Black Out, Diamond Dust and Ruby Slipper. Each pot comes with a sifter top which is closed with a sticker so no surprise glitter explosions when you open the pot for the first time.

Coastal Scents Glitter Powders in Starburst, Diamond Dust, Black Out and Ruby Slipper

Look how beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all stunning and I just have a serious weak spot for sparkly things but Diamond Dust is really spectacular! It’s a silver with rainbow sparks that catches the light so perfectly with every little move. This picture can’t do it justice but take my word that it really is awesome. 😉 Ruby Slipper is a beautiful true red. Starburst looks a little more gold here but it’s actually more of a really vibrant neon yellow like it appears in the above picture. Black Out is a deep, true black.

Coastal Scents Glitter Powders
Coastal Scents Glitter Powders L-R: Diamond Dust, Ruby Slipper, Starburst and Black Out


With my order I also got a pretty nice size sample of 4 of the shades from the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette which is basically Coastal Scents’ take on the Naked Palettes. The sample also came with a code on the back that will take $5 off on a purchase of a Revealed Palette. If this sample is any indication of the quality of the palette, it seems like it would be a pretty nice product and a great way to get some Naked Palette-esque colors for a fraction of the price. The matte shade was slightly disappointing as it wasn’t as soft or as pigmented as I would have liked but the shimmers were all fantastic! I was actually surprised at how well they swatched and how gorgeous they are.

Coastal Scents Revealed Swatches

I couldn’t wait to get these glitters on my face so today I grabbed Starburst and my Coastal Scents 252 Palette and got to work on this bright and sparkly eyeshadow look!

To make the colors extra vibrant, I first put down a thin layer of my NYX White Eyeshadow Base over my eye primer. Let me tell you, I swear by this stuff! I don’t even attempt colorful eyeshadow looks without it anymore because I know it’s just going to be disappointing. The NYX White Eyeshadow Base will make your eyeshadow SO much more vibrant so if your eyeshadow isn’t packing the punch you want it to, seriously check this stuff out! Okay, enough about my love affair with NYX’s White Eyeshadow Base.

For the rest of the look, I’m wearing my favorite lashes which are Siren from House of Lashes, Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Medium Brown and Sigma’s Blush in Heavenly.

Colorful Eyeshadow Look

Rainbow Eyeshadow Look

So what did all of you snag in these awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? Give me something to lust over! 😛


8 thoughts on “Coastal Scents Black Friday Haul!

  1. Lovely look!

    I bought NYX White Shadow Base during their Cyber Monday sale! I’m also so excited to try Nyx Taupe blush for the first time! I also made orders with Ecotools, Coastal Scents (Revealed and Revealed 2 palettes), Sugarpill and Ulta. I got all 3 of the special Lorac palettes from Ulta and they are great!

    I have to say though, I’m so surprised you find the Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff brush rough! I love mine (I own 6 of them ) more than my Mac 217! I wonder if maybe I’m not even recognizing they’re rough? I really do love reach for them WAY WAY more than my 217.

    1. Thanks, doll! The White Eyeshadow Base is one thing I completely cannot live without. A little hint though, only shoot for a sheer layer of white with this product. If it’s applied too heavily it will crease and a thin layer is really all you need. But oh my! You made out like a bandit!! lol I 100% regret not ordering anything from Sugarpill’s sale. I have no idea what came over me. haha

      And that’s odd that they seemed so rough to me but not to you. Maybe I have coddled eyelids. 😛

  2. looks awesome! The ‘pro blending fluff’ btw washes terribly. It gets all scraggly looking even with reshaping after washing.

    Also if you order again I love love love their ‘classic shadow small natural’ brush (BR-C-N01). I actually own 3. It’s the perfect little detail brush for both the outer and inner corner. I actually wish I owned more to avoid cross contamination between colors.

    I’ll also have to check out the glitters! Somehow missed that part of the website thus far. I only have one of their loose pigments, winterveld and it’s a really fun ‘neutral’ because it’s very subdued warm shade that actually reflects a blue white duochrome.

  3. Ohh, I might have to order a couple of those! There’s literally no such thing as too many flat eyeshadow brushes. lol I feel like I could have two dozen and still somehow need more.

    And I just looked that up and it’s soo pretty and really unique! Coincidentally, I somehow managed to miss their whole pigment section. At least now I have plans for the next big sale. 😉

  4. I bought Revealed 2 and three blushes in their black Friday sale. I already have Revealed 1 and I love it soooooooooo much. I use it as often as Lorac Pro 2 if not more often. Revealed 1 is a dupe for Naked 1 and 2 and Revealed 2 is a dupe for Naked 3 with some extra colors thrown in from what I understand.

    I’ve not swatched the Nakeds so I’m not sure if it’s a true comparison but I know that I like Revealed 2 as much as my Lorac and Too Faced shadows. Probably more than my Two Faced ones.

    1. This makes me want to actually buy one of the Revealed Palettes so badly now! Maybe next time they have a good sale. 😉

  5. Gorgeous as always!!!

    Also, I was curious what you think of the NYX White Eyeshadow Base as opposed to the NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil? Is the base easier to work with?
    I like the pencil because I love using bright shadows as eyeliner and it’s easy to use Milk as a liner and pack shadow on top… However, I have been more interested lately in doing bright shadows all over the lid…

    1. Milk is softer and easier to spread around but I definitely think the base is better in terms of wear. Also, I’m currently working on a whole post about the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White that’s going to be posted today so keep your eyes peeled! 😀

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