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Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Tutorial

Hey guys! So¬†I finally got around to creating a tutorial for the look I did in my Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Review post. Today I’m running on about 2 hours of sleep and ridiculous amounts of caffeine so I consider this a pretty big accomplishment! Let’s just try to excuse any mistakes I make along the way. ūüėõ

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Tutorial

Before I get started with any shadow, I’m going to prime and put down a base. I’m using Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance primer and a thin layer of NYX’s White Eyeshadow Base.

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Tutorial

The first shadow I’m going to use is Blur (light peachy tan) from the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter stack. I’m using my Makeup Addiction blending brush to place this in and above my crease, stopping a little under my brow bone to create a very natural looking transition.

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Tutorial

Next I’m going in with in with Sugarpill’s Buttercupcake (yellow) and that same brush and basically placing it in the same area only not taking it quite as high this time.

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Tutorial

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LORAC Mega PRO Palette Tutorial

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been dancing around the idea of making YouTube videos for a while now and I figured it was time to just bite the bullet and make it happen so today I made my very first video!

My first video is a LORAC Mega PRO Palette tutorial for this reddish smokey eye look.

LORAC Mega PRO Palette Look

LORAC Mega PRO Palette Tutorial

I’m a little nervous about it finally being live but super excited at the same time! In fact, I had so much fun doing it that I already can’t wait to make more videos.

So without further adieu, here is my very first YouTube video!

If you enjoy¬†it, please subscribe, like, comment and all that fun jazz and please feel free to tell me what kind of videos you’d like to see from me in the future!


Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hey guys! I was playing around with my Makeup Geek eyeshadows the other day and came up with this lovely fall inspired look and I thought I would¬†make a tutorial and share with all of you. If you’d like to see swatches of all of my Makeup Geek shadows and pigments, you can check those out here.

This is the look we’ll be creating today!

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

For this eyeshadow look I’ll be using:

  • Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie (light peach matte)
  • Makeup Geek Chickadee (yellow orange matte)
  • Makeup Geek Frappe (medium warm brown matte)
  • Makeup Geek Purely Naked (shimmery tan)
  • Makeup Geek Bada-Bing (deep brown w/ gold glitter)
  • Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean (light beige w/ slight shimmer)
  • LORAC Opal (warm shimmery white gold)

I always start my eyeshadow looks by blotting my lids with an oil blotting sheet and applying my primer. I most often use Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance to keep my shadow in place all day and today is no exception. Use your finger to gently spread a small amount of primer all over your eye, from lash line to brow bone, in the inner corner and I always run a little along my lower lash line as well.

Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Some of you may be missing summer but I couldn’t be happier that Fall has made its way to Ohio! The first chilly day we had, I grabbed my Lorac PRO Palette 2 and got to work on this Fall inspired purple smokey eye tutorial.

Purple Smokey Eye

I always begin by applying an eye shadow primer. Today I’m using the Lorac Behind The Scenes primer that came with the Lorac PRO Palette 2.¬†¬†Then, using a large blending brush, I’m going to apply Nectar (light peach matte) all over, starting with my lid and ending a little below my brow bone. Blend this out really well.

Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Urban Decay Electric Palette Tutorial

I wore this look featuring the Urban Decay Electric Palette a few weeks ago and had several requests for a tutorial. I figured it would be a fun tutorial to make so yesterday I decided it was time and got to work!

Urban Decay Electric Palette Look

In this tutorial I’ll be using the Urban Decay Electric Palette as well as a few other shades, either from other palettes or singles. As always, I’ll be describing each shade as we go along so if you don’t have the same shadows that I do, you can hopefully use a similar eyeshadow that you already have.


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Lorac PRO Palette 2 Tutorial

Lorac PRO Palette 2 Tutorial

Hey guys! So I was watching this video by the ever lovely Samantha Ravndahl and was inspired to create a tutorial for a similar look using only eyeshadows from the Lorac PRO Palette 2.

If you’d like to read more about the Lorac PRO Palette 2, check out my swatches and review!

Start by priming your eyes. I’m using Lorac’s Behind The Scenes primer that came with the palette. The first shadow we’ll be using is Nectar (matte peach) and I’m using a large blending brush to apply that in and above my crease but not quite to the brow bone.


Next take Silver (metallic silver) and pat it on starting with the center of your lid and moving outwards in both directions while still leaving the inner most and outer most corners of your lid blank. Patting this color on instead of swiping it on will help reduce fall out and make the silver more concentrated.


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Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial

I had a few requests for a tutorial for the eyeshadow I was wearing in my NYX Matte Lipsticks post and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it! This natural eyeshadow tutorial is pretty simple and quick and looks fabulous and appropriate for nearly any occasion.

For this look, I’ll be using shades from both my Lorac Pro Palette and Lorac Pro Palette 2. If you don’t have these palettes, don’t worry! I’ll also be describing the shades so you can try to match this look with your own products.

From the original Lorac Pro Palette, I’ll be using Cream (pale matte beige), Sable (medium-dark warm matte brown) & Taupe (medium warm matte brown). From the Lorac Pro Palette 2, I’ll be using Beige (light shimmery beige) & Nectar (matte peach).

Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial

In this photo I’m also wearing NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude, MAC Fluidline eyeliner, Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation in 120 & Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown.

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