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A Month in My Life!

Just when you think things are finally running smoothly, sometimes life has a way of coming along and punching you right in the gut.

My personal life has pretty much went off the deep end over the past several weeks and it’s taking basically all of my effort to keep my head above water over here. I think  I hope that this craziness is finally coming to an end but I figured I’d give you guys a quick update so that everyone knows I’m still alive.

If you’re just here for the makeup, now would be a great time to just keep on scrolling!

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Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour

Guys and gals, I am going to Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour this weekend in Detroit and I seriously can hardly contain my excitement!

This will be my first ever makeup related event that I’ve attended, my first time in Detroit and best of all, I will be graced with the presence of Jeffree Star himself! Swooon. 

I found out about his Ohio tour date literally like two days after it was over and was slightly heartbroken until I realized that Detroit still had spots open. So naturally I texted my babe @crcosmetics & was like “WE HAVE TO GO TO DETROIT!” Both of our hubbies are going to be accompanying us on the trip so we’re just going to make a fun little weekend road trip out of it.

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Welcome to my life!

Hey guys!

I asked you guys on here as well as around social media what you’d think about me having a “Life” section of my blog for me to blog about just normal Ashley things that aren’t beauty related. Lots of people seemed jazzed with the idea (yay!) so I’m going to start a new little section of my blog!

Sultry Suburbia will always be a beauty blog first and my “Life” posts will be way less frequent than my beauty posts so don’t worry about random non-beauty related things taking over this blog! I’ll also be making the “read more” line really high up in each of my life posts so that people who don’t care to hear about my personal stuff can move on to the next review!

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