Bonnaroo Update!

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Wowwww! My first Bonnaroo was a crazy and incredible experience from start to finish and completely unlike anything that I’ve ever done before! I feel like I’m 1000 years old because my butt has been utterly kicked but it was so, so worth it!

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Our Bonnaroo group consisted of me and my hubby and my friend Chelsea and her husband Cody. We had a rented camper and we thought we also had a truck to pull it with but when my friends went to pick up the borrowed truck from their friend one day before the trip, we discovered that that truck actually couldn’t haul our camper! We were in a mad dash the day before trying to find a rental truck that could haul something so heavy and didn’t cost a total fortune. Luckily, Cody managed to find us a truck and we were all hitched up and leaving Columbus around 1pm on Thursday!

Locked and loaded!!
Locked and loaded!!


We had a pretty smooth trip down and ended up arriving on the farm in Manchester, TN around 11pm!  We hustled to get the camper set up quickly and then headed out to Centeroo!!

The first night was awesome! The weather was perfect, the vibes were great and we drank some beers, ate some yummy food and then proceeded to roll around in the grass until we decided it was time to turn in. 😛 Also there was a new area this year called The Grove in a tree covered area full of hammocks and pretty lights! It was soo beautiful that I just wanted to stay there all night.

Photo Jun 12, 1 17 12 AM

Photo Jun 12, 2 20 37 AM

Everything was A++ on that first night! We went back to the camper, got the generator running and fell asleep in our cool, comfy beds. Then Friday morning we all literally woke up in a pool of sweat. Turns out our generator was faulty as fuck and it kept wiggling itself out ALL OF THE TIME. Not one night did we manage to get the generator to stay running all night and it’s like a bazillion degrees inside of a camper sitting in the sun with no generator running! lol

One night we tried to rig it up in a way that we thought would keep it running. We were all in bed, half asleep, when the CO2 alarm in the camper starts going bonkers! Apparently the generator was too close and was filling us up with fumes! I’ve never really used a camper before and had no idea they even had CO2 alarms (never really crossed my mind) but I am thanking my lucky stars that ours went off!! We fought with the thing the whole trip but luckily it did manage to stay running enough to give us some relief from the blazing heat.

Our little oasis!

Photo Jun 12, 12 07 45 AM

These sunglasses are definitely my best ever Walmart find. 😛

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Whew, I knew it was going to be hot. I thought I was ready for the heat even! Upper 80’s to low 90’s are pretty standard summer temps up here in Ohio but I apparently was so not ready to be in the 95 degree heat for four solid days with a half-assed generator! lol I thought that I had packed accordingly. I even packed a couple of maxi skirts thinking “Oh, they’re long but breezy! It’ll be just fine.” Nope. I was wrong. lol I tried wearing a SUPER thin maxi dress one day but it was just clinging to my legs and I had to end up tying it up. Chelsea tried to tell me the goal was to pack as little clothes as possible but apparently I did not fully understand. lol I spent the rest of the trip rotating the two pairs of shorts that I brought with a couple tank tops/crop tops cause it was BLAZING!

Thanks to obscene amounts of sunscreen, hats and sheer avoidance of the sun, I managed to make it out of Bonnaroo with practically no burn/tan though! Great success. 😉

Photo Jun 12, 11 37 43 PM

We also ended up not getting water in the camper so I spent the 4 days washing off under a tent with a sprinkler system and in a sink. lol When I came home the first thing I did was take the BEST SHOWER OF MY LIFE! Seriously, I have never ever appreciated a shower so much as I did that day.

Cold beer, pink sunglasses, Bauble Nation septum clicker, Jeffree Star’s Blue Velvet & new nails! What more could I ever need?!

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I had originally planned on Snapchatting my whole Bonnaroo adventure but at some point I was like “Wait up, this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be viewing Bonnaroo through my iPhone.” so I ended up ditching that idea pretty early and just enjoying my time there! Sorry!

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Also the people around Bonnaroo were awesome! Most people were crazy friendly and just radiating positivity! At least that’s how everyone started out. 😛 By Sunday the whole crowd seemed a little less bubbly and many people were just trudging along with their heads down. lol A four day music festival in the sweltering heat really takes a lot out of you!

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Now along the lines of the same topic, I wanted to share this Lana Del Rey cover with you guys from Kaeli Fletcher! Kaeli is from my hometown in Eastern Kentucky and has an absolutely lovely voice that the world needs to hear! Appalachia can be a tough place to grow up in as much of the area is pretty secluded and there just aren’t many good opportunities to be had so it’s always awesome to see talented people from my hometown following their passion! Check out her video and if you like it, I’m sure she’d appreciate a thumbs up and a subscribe! <3

Sunday night we packed up and headed out of the farm around 11:30pm or so. Cody was a champ and made the whole 9 hour trek back in the middle of the night without stopping for a hotel.

Photo Jun 16, 6 27 14 PM

Overall, Bonnaroo was an amazing time and I already can’t wait to go back! <3

Photo Jun 14, 7 45 01 PM

And when we got home, we saw this rainbow! It was the perfect ending to our trip.

Photo Jun 15, 6 01 49 PM

Planning on getting back to work tomorrow so be expecting some more beauty related posts coming your way!

Have any of you guys been to Bonnaroo before?? Tell me what you thought!


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