Black Friday and Cyber Monday Makeup Deals

It’s that time of the year again and sweet deals are waiting just around the corner! I’ve got the scoop on some awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday Makeup deals so I’m here to share them with you. 🙂 I’ll update this post as I see more deals come to light!

Sigma Beauty

First on the list is Sigma Beauty who is offering some pretty nice promotions! On Black Friday (Nov 27 – 12am PST to Nov 28 11:59pm PST) for 48 hours Sigma is offering free domestic AND international shipping with no order minimum! This is a great opportunity to for international customers to get their hands on some Sigma products while avoiding international shipping charges and it’s also great for small domestic orders! If you just need one brush, you can just get one brush without being penalized with shipping! Pay only for what you want, no shipping, no minimum order! Use code BF2014 to take advantage of this!

On Cyber Monday Sigma Beauty is offering another awesome promotion that even I’m having a really hard time trying to resist, despite having about a million brushes! 😛 They’re offering 20% off sitewide for 24 hours valid on December 1st from 12am-11:59pm PST! Sigma doesn’t do 20% off often so if you’ve been waiting to place an order or are looking for gifts for the holidays, now is your chance! Use code CM2014.

My personal recommendations for Sigma Beauty are their powder blushes which are so soft, easy to blend and overall just dreamy and of course, their brushes! One set that I personally love is the Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit which I received as a gift last Christmas.

Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit

This kit contains 7 of their best selling brushes which have a use in every makeup routine! These brushes also come in a handy little travel carrier to protect your babies during transit and the carrier also can double as two brush holders! I’ve been using these beauties for a year now and they’ve treated me great. This kit also contains one of my all time favorite brushes, the Sigma E40, which is a must-have blending brush.

Check out my past posts for more of my thoughts on Sigma brushes as well as some swatches of makeup products.


Yes, yes! Another one of my favorite brands has some great deals up their sleeves for the holidays! If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you probably know that I truly adore LORAC eyeshadows, so much that I’ve purchased 4 LORAC eyeshadow palettes for myself and I also purchased an extra LORAC Mega Pro Palette to use in a giveaway for my readers a while back because I like to give away things that I personally truly enjoy.

Their eyeshadows are like butter. Soft, smooth, pigmented, easily blendable, basically they’re the bomb.

These Black Friday must have palettes here are the Sultry Starlet Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette and the Vintage Vixen Matte Eyeshadow Palette and they will be selling for a very affordable $12 each at Ulta stores and

LORAC Sultry Starlet and Vintage VIxen

But wait! There’s more! 😛 Hold on to your chairs because this is going to be awesome. On Cyber Monday, Dec 1st, the LORAC PRO Palettes 1 and 2 will be available at for 25% off for 24 hours, starting at 8am PST! Just try searching for LORAC on my site if you need any more convincing on just how awesome these eyeshadows are! In addition to this, every purchase on their site will also be receiving a FREE eyelash curler! Gotta keep them lashes sky high, ya know? 😉


There will also be a Perfect PRO Eye Trio (shadow, liner and mascara) available for $25 at and a 7 shade Champage Dreams Eyeshadow Palette available for $15.

LORAC Champage Dreams Palette

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is also having a big sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making thier already very affordable cosmetics and tools even more affordable! I unfortunately do not know the specifics of this sale yet but rest assured, when BH Cosmetics says their having a big sale, they don’t play around so be prepared for some huge discounts!

BH Cosmetics Black Friday

They’re advertising up to 75% off from Nov 26 – Nov 29 and their biggest Cyber Monday sale ever from Nov 30 – Dec 2!

Urban Decay

It’s on, ladies and gents! Urban Decay has announced that they will be having a flash sale from Nov 27 through Dec 1, with a different deal daily and free shipping the whole time.

Urban Decay Flash Sale!

What beauty products or sites do you have your eye on for Cyber Monday or Black Friday Deals?

Happy shopping! 😀


16 thoughts on “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Makeup Deals

  1. I love how prolific of a blogger you are! I sneak in and check while at work between tasks and I’m always happy to see that you post something new all the time!

    1. Aw jeez, thanks! I like to think that if my hard work will pay off. 😉 Plus this blog is my baby and I love it!

  2. I didn’t know about the Sigma deals!!! Love it!!

    I planned to try to take part in the Coastal Scents sale, if the website allows me!!

  3. I really want to try some Makeup Geek(I’ve been sold after you’ve showed Cocoa Bear – everyone seems to love it!). I’d love to pick up a couple of other eyeshadow shades and the Liquid Gold pigment…seriously, that pigment just messes my brain every time I think of it. I’ve seen someone apply it went and jeez sooo much gold. But I don’t think they’re having any event? At least they’re not announcing it beforehand.

    I’d love to pick up some Lorac stuff but I don’t think I will – if it was the Mega Pro Palette with 25% off then I wouldn’t be able to control myself – I love the looks of that palette!

    I also was thinking of trying this indie brand Impulse because I wanted a couple of their lipsticks(though I’m not a fan of them being in a balm tube because I’m definitely a fan of a sharp line – there’s always a lip brush, though), namely a navy and a dark purple one, maybe also a dark green one? They have a lot of awesome and unusual colors for quite low prices and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews. I don’t know the conditions of their BF event, though. They’re only re-opening the day before that as they are re-stocking now.

    Ahhhh…I want so much stuff, but I was also thinking that I should save a little and get myself a camera instead. It’s difficult to be responsible for your own finances. 😀

    (Sorry for the poem, though: when it’s about make up – I can’t seem to stop. )

    1. Makeup Geek has some amazing products!! They haven’t announced any official sales or promos but they did mention that they might be having some bundle deals so I’m excited to see what those may be!

      But i totally understand your camera vs. makeup struggle. haha I recently bought a new camera for the sake of this blog but man, I could have had so much makeup with that money! 😛

  4. Do you feel like the quality of the LORAC shadows on the small palettes is the same as on the pro or mega pro palettes? This is a great roundup! I’ve been waffling on the Sigma brushes too.. do you have thoughts on the E30 v. the MAC 219 brush?

    1. I haven’t used any of the small palettes like this so I can’t be sure but I’d honestly be surprised if they weren’t great quality as well. And yes I do have some thoughts on those brushes! The Sigma E30 is smaller and denser than the MAC 219 so the E30 is going to make slightly sharper line while the 219 will be a little more diffused. They’re both great brushes and I use them both often so it just comes down to personal preference and what kind of effect you’re seeking.

    2. So I hope Ashley doesn’t mind but I bought the Lorac Stylist palette (it was a $15 palette last year) and the Navy Skinny palette. I do not find these aaaaaaaaas good as the lorac pro palettes but they are really really superb for the price. Way better than anything I’ve found at the drugstore. My biggest complaints are that both were lacking in the mattes that have made Lorac the king of palettes in my opinion. I am really intrigued by the Vintage Vixen matte palette they’re coming out with this year and will probably be picking that up.

      1. Lorac Skinny Nude is amazing and I use it all of the time. Lorac Skinny Navy is a hot mess and a half that is damned near unusable because of how much fall out it has. I literally have to clean my cheeks after using that one so it’s been in the cabinet every since. I have a bunch of friends who are makeup nuts and they say the same thing about the nude vs the navy.

        But I’m still buying Champagne Dreams. It’s a lovely looking palette and I want it. I also want Lorac Pro 1. I have 2 and use it pretty often.

  5. Hey pretty lady! Did you also hear about the LORAC Champagne Dreams eyeshadow palette which is Ulta’s Cyber Monday deal for $15? I’m compiling my weekend sales list for my blog and I came across it. It looks GORGEOUS!

      1. Oh, you’re sneaky 😛 Or I was blind when I first posted this haha. Really hoping I can get my hands on this, not only would it be a great complement to my Naked3 but I would love to have similar colors but (hopefully) with LORAC quality!

  6. Omg, you’re awesome for posting all of these deals! I’m totally looking forward to lorac, ulta and urban decays sales.

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