Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit  has been flying off the shelves since it’s release so you can only imagine my joy when I found this kit at my local Sephora at a time when it was sold out everywhere.

I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I’m ashamed that I haven’t reviewed this product sooner but now I can at least say that I can do a pretty thorough review.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Top Row L-R: Vanilla, Banana, Sand. Bottom Row L-R Java, Fawn, Havana.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

With flash. L-R Java, Fawn, Havana, Sand, Banana, Vanilla

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Without flash. L-R Java, Fawn, Havana, Sand, Banana, Vanilla

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Overall opinion: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is a great asset in any makeup collection. The colors blend easily and hold up well on your face throughout the day. The base colors in the kit my not be well suited for those who are very fair or very dark but with the soon release of 21 new shades, it will be easy to select colors that work well for your individual skin tone.

Considering the color choices in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, this product is probably best suited for people who are not very fair or very dark. I think I’m right on the line of being too fair though. The good news is Anastasia Beverly Hills is releasing 21 brand new shades soon which will make it much easier to customize this palette for your individual skin tone. The magnetic pans are easy to pop out of this palette so once you’ve used up a pan, or if you just want to order one of the new shades, changing out pans is super easy. If you’re waiting for the new shades to be released and would like to build your own palette, you will be able to choose 6 shades for $40 and they will provide you with a palette for the pans. If you purchase less than 6 shades, each pan will cost $14.

The shades are well pigmented and easy to blend. It seems like the contour colors always look patchy when I first begin to apply them but then they blend in really easily. I also find that they last quite well and my contour is still visible many hours later.

Now back to me being on the line of being too pale, for all you fair skinned ladies and gents. I find that the highlight colors do not work exceptionally well on my skin tone, mostly because they seem to just blend right in. Sand (the shimmery one) is the only highlight shade that I can actually notice on my skin and even then I think it looks pretty subdued. If you’re looking for a natural looking highlight Sand just may be perfect but I prefer to look reminiscent of a glow worm.

I think Fawn is a really lovely contour color for many people with fair skin and it’s definitely the shade I use most often for a subtle contour. Sometimes if I want  a more dramatic contour I will start out using Fawn, buff out any harshness then come back with a more precise brush and apply a little Java right over Fawn and ever so slightly buff it out.

Now lets see it in action! In these pics, I only use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit to contour and highlight my face. I used Fawn, Vanilla and Sand here.

Without contouring



With the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit




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9 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

  1. Love this kit! Your makeup is, as always, gorgeous….flawless application. What product is the blue on your eyes?

  2. What brush do you use for contouring? If it’s a really high-end one, what lower-end (like Sonia Kashuk, real techniques) one would you recommend? Thanks you, and amazing blog!

    1. I switch up what brush I use but my favorites are the MAC 168, Sigma F40, the Real Techniques contour brush which comes in their Core Collection set and the Sonia Kashuk flat top sculpting brush. =)

  3. Hi, im going to order the contour refills. Im fair aswel and I was wondering what shades you would pick?thanks 🙂

    1. Hey! If I was customizing a kit for myself I’d probably go with Fawn, Java & Macchiato for the contour shades & Sand, Champagne & Golden Peach for the highlighting shades. Hope that helps! =)

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