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Exciting News!

Hey guys! Today I have some pretty big news to share with you guys and I’m wildly excited!

I’ve been laying a little low for the past several weeks and that’s because I’ve been focusing a lot of my time and energy working on a big, new project!

After a lot of thought and a ridiculous amount of research, I’ve decided to expand on my love for makeup and start working on formulating my own line of cosmetics! 😀

File Jul 30, 7 24 02 PM

I want you guys to know exactly what’s going on over here so I’m going to tell you about what I’ve been doing as well as my plans for the future!

What you see here is my work station, piled high with all of my ingredients & most of my supplies! I may have went a little crazy with the amount of stuff that I ordered but when I do something, I really like to do it right and instead of limiting myself to a handful of ingredients, I really wanted to have a large variety of ingredients at my disposal to experiment with to make sure that I’m able to formulate and produce good products. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and refuse to put my name on anything that I don’t truly believe in so any products that come out of here are going to have to match up to my high standards.

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JORD Wood Watch Review

JORD Wood Watch in Koa and Rose Gold

A while ago I was contacted by JORD Wood Watches to see if I would be interested in trying out one of their products for review. Now, I’m normally not much of a watch person but when I went to their website to view their products, my mind was changed!

I’d honestly never came across a wooden watch before but I was completely taken aback by how beautiful & unique their timepieces are and that’s when I decided I’d like to try one out for myself!

Jord is Swedish for earth, soil & land and the elements of nature have been paired so perfectly with elegance, style and craftsmanship to produce a truly stunning and eye-catching timepiece.

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New Makeup Geek Brushes!

New Makeup Geek Brushes Review

Hey guys! I recently had the opportunity to try out three new brushes that Makeup Geek released not long ago and I wanted to share my thoughts on these brushes with you! There are some products that I don’t need to test long before I know if I’m going to like them or not but I like to test brushes out for quite a while to see how they perform before I come to a final conclusion on them. I’ve had these new Makeup Geek brushes for a few weeks now and have used each of them many times so I feel like I can finally give you guys a solid review. These brushes are all synthetic and cruelty free so no need to worry about our furry little friends!

Makeup Geek Chiseled Cheek Brush

First up we have the Makeup Geek Chiseled Cheek Brush! This brush is designed to help you perfectly carve out your cheek bones to add depth an definition to your face.

This brush, like all the others, is super soft and feels great on your face.

Makeup Geek Chiseled Cheek Brush Review

Here is the Makeup Geek Chiseled Cheek Brush next to a similar Sonia Kashuk brush that I don’t believe is being sold any longer. The Makeup Geek brush is far softer and glides more easily over the skin creating a perfectly smooth line while its Sonia Kashuk counterpart tends to drag a little more and can sometimes leave faint brush lines that are difficult to get rid of completely.

This brush also has a bit of extra room in the ferrule like the Makeup Geek Dual Ended Brow Brush but I honestly don’t really see it as much of an issue in this brush. I feel like the room allows the bristles to sway a little more to create a very smooth, fluid line rather than one super sharp streak down your face.

Makeup Geek Chiseled Cheek Brush Review

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Amazingly Simple Way to Treat Keratosis Pilaris!

Hey guys! I inadvertently stumbled across an amazingly quick and simple way to treat Keratosis Pilaris and naturally my first thought was “I MUST share these with my readers!” Obviously this one particular treatment won’t work for everyone but it has absolutely helped me and many others.

Keratosis Pilaris affects roughly 40-50% of the population so I bet many of you already know exactly what I’m talking about but for those who don’t, here’s a very quick run down!

Keratosis Pilaris (sometimes referred to as “chicken skin” due to its bumpy texture) is characterized by rough, red bumps that appear on the skin. It’s most commonly found on arms, thighs and backs but can show up nearly anywhere on the body. It’s caused by the body producing an excess of keratin which builds up around hair follicles and becomes trapped, forming these pesky little bumps. The condition is even more common in children and while it may improve during adulthood, Keratosis Pilaris becomes a lifelong condition for many people.

I’ve had this condition on my upper arms for practically my entire life. I remember being a tiny little Ashley with bumpy arms, kicking and screaming while my older cousins so lovingly tried to hold me down and pop my bumps.

Most peoples bumps are purely cosmetic with no other side effects so many  just choose to ignore the problem and carry on with their business, which is precisely what I’ve been doing my whole life. I accepted my arms bumps as a permanent part of me long, long ago and while having smoother skin was always something that would have been nice, I never dwelled on it much. But if someone told me treating it would be THIS easy, I would have been on it ages ago!

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Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Celebrity Skin & 714

Hey guys! I ended up liking the formula of my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Blue Velvet so much that I decided to add two more shades to my collection, 714 and Celebrity Skin. I’m just going to gloss over the formula here since I’ve already done a more in depth review of Blue Velvet. If you want to see my review of Blue Velvet (and the Jeffree Star Extreme Beauty Tour deets) you can check it out here!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in 714 and Celebrity Skin

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in 714 and Celebrity Skin
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks Swatches in 714 and Celebrity Skin


Let’s star with the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714! 714 is an absurdly gorgeous pinkish coral shade that doesn’t really resemble any other shades in my stash. I think it’s a really unique color and am 100% in love with this shade! I did find that it applied  a tiny bit patchy at first but I just let it dry, applied another thin coat and it was perfect.

714 is what dreams are made of!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714

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4th of July Makeup!

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow American’s out there!

I just wanted to take a minute to share my 4th of July face with all of you today! I decided to take the red, white & blue route but blue eyeshadow & red lipstick together is a real fine line. In an attempt not to look like an 80’s high school tragedy, I decided to darken up the colors a little by adding neutrals to my blue eyeshadow and choosing a darker red lip.

On my eyes, I’m using my Morphe 35U & 35S palettes, Glitter Injections Out Of This World glitter & Creme 102 lashes.

I’m also wearing one of my favorite drug store lipstick formulas, NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama.

My brows are Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown & Clear Gel.

Morphe 35U & 35S palette with Glitter Injections Out Of This World

Also my cute little ring here is the Sophie Harper Pavé X Ring in Silver from Rocksbox! Rocksbox is a designer jewelry subscription box where they send you 3 pieces of jewelry (valued at ~$200) at a time. You can keep it for as long as you like and when you’re done, just send it back and you’ll have three new pieces on the way! You get one piece from your wishlist each month and then they choose two other pieces to suit your style. I think they did a really job awesome at picking out my box & I’m really excited to see what I get next! 🙂

It’s $19 a month after the first month but you also get $10 of that back in Shine Spend each month to put towards the purchase of a piece if you fall in love with one of the items in your box that month!

Use code “suburbiamakeupxoxo” for your first month of Rocksbox free!

Morphe 35U & 35S palette with Glitter Injections Out Of This World

How did you guys spend your 4th of July Weekend? I’m still waiting on my husband to get back but today is our last day apart! I can’t wait! 😀



Creme Lashes – The Frugal Way to do Falsies!

I’m not sure how many of you have heard me preach the wonders of Creme false eyelashes yet but for those of you who haven’t, listen up! 😛

Creme 102 lashes
Creme 102 lashes


Even if you haven’t heard of Creme lashes, you still may have heard of Red Cherry lashes. Red Cherry lashes are pretty popular, mostly because they make nice lashes for a really low price.

A couple of years ago, when I was still trying to figure out the ropes of lashes, I decided to order a few packs of some random Asian branded lashes on Amazon. They were like $2 for 20 pairs of falsies and I figured they would be great to practice with! No. No, no, no.

Each style of those crazy cheap lashes were literally useless. One band was impossibly thick and stiff, another style had a weird hollow band that didn’t hold glue well and, believe it or not, one of them actually had a WHITE band! Who would make a white eyelash band? I tried coloring over them with eyeliner before just giving up on the lot completely.

And then I discovered Creme lashes.

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