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Elevation Polish Review and Swatches!

Hey guys! So today I’m branching out and doing my first nail polish post which is semi-exciting, right? 😛

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would be interested in trying out some products from Elevation Polish. Despite the fact that I adore polish and my nails are painted 100% of the time, I’d actually never tried an indie polish company before! I’ve seen so many gorgeous indie swatches floating around the web and always told myself I was going to place an order one day but somehow never did. Don’t make the same mistake I did, guys & gals.

Anyway, I browsed around on Elevation Polish’s website, saw how stunning some of their colors were and jumped all over the chance to try these! She also sent me a bottle of HK Girl & Northern Star Cuticle Oil, which I’ll get to later.

The Walker

A beautiful holographic lavender. I’m sitting here staring at this picture asking myself “What can I say?” because I feel like this picture really speaks for itself. Just look at this color! Two coats.

Elevation Polish The Walker

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Mini NYX Haul!

Ahh, few things in life make me happier than an awesome deal on awesome makeup. I decided to give my boring doctor’s visit the other day a happy ending by swinging by ULTA to snag some sweet NYX deals!

NYX was buy one, get one half off at Ulta when I went (this happens often so keep an eye out!), plus I had their weekly coupon for $3.50 off $10 (don’t ever go to ULTA and not use this!) and I had $3.00 off with ULTA rewards so I managed to pick up these 4 NYX products for a whopping $13 total! Whoohoo!

Mini NYX Haul

Eye and brow details for this look are down below but I’m also wearing NYX Black Berry liner, MUFE HD Foundation in 120, NYX Taupe Blush, Sigma Heavenly Blush, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15, Anastasia Contour Kit, MAC Lustre Drops & Coty Airspun Powder.

NYX Color Mascara in Perfect Pear and Slim Lip Pencil in Black Berry

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Welcome to my life!

Hey guys!

I asked you guys on here as well as around social media what you’d think about me having a “Life” section of my blog for me to blog about just normal Ashley things that aren’t beauty related. Lots of people seemed jazzed with the idea (yay!) so I’m going to start a new little section of my blog!

Sultry Suburbia will always be a beauty blog first and my “Life” posts will be way less frequent than my beauty posts so don’t worry about random non-beauty related things taking over this blog! I’ll also be making the “read more” line really high up in each of my life posts so that people who don’t care to hear about my personal stuff can move on to the next review!

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Gressa Skin Review

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I was approached and asked if I would be interested in trying some products from Gressa Skin, a company specializing in natural skincare and cosmetics. I had actually never heard of this company before but after a little research, I decided that I’d like to see what Gressa Skin is all about so they sent me this lovely package!

Gressa Skin Review

I had wanted to get this review up sooner for you guys but since the natural products from Gressa Skin are so very different than the cosmetics I’m used to using, it took me a little longer to really get a grasp on these products and come to a conclusion about them but after using each of these products several times now, I can say I’m ready! 😀

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February & March Favorites!

I somehow ended up goofing around & missing the chance to do my monthly favorites for February so I decided to just make one video and compile my monthly favorites for both February and March! Also, I meant to include Maybelline’s Daringly Nude lipstick in this video, which happens to be this beautiful nude that I’m wearing here, but it ended up not making it in! Oops. Still, it’s a lovely, budget friendly nude lipstick that I absolutely love!

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Bold & Smokey Prom Tutorial using the LORAC PRO Palette 2

Hi, guys! I know prom season is coming up super soon so I wanted to make a couple of prom tutorials for you! This is my darker, smokier, more sultry look and my next tutorial will be my softer prom look so keep an eye out! I choose to use the LORAC PRO Palette 2 for this tutorial because it’s a wonderful palette and pretty popular! While I had prom in mind when creating this look, it’s still awesome for tons of other occasions, of course!

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oVertone Conditioner Review

After seeing several overwhelmingly positive reviews and a personal recommendation from a fellow fantasy-haired gal, I decided to take the leap and try out some oVertone color depositing conditioner for myself.

Now, this blog has been running for nearly a year (my blogiversary is at the end of April! Yay! :D) and in all of that time, I don’t believe I’ve ever described a product as “life changing” until now. oVertone conditioners are honestly a life changing product for me! I felt like I had to review them pronto to spread the word.

oVertone conditioner in Extreme Pink Review

oVertone offers 21 vegan, non-damaging colors to choose from. They have orange, red, teal, purple, blue, pink and green and within each of those colors, you can choose pastel, vibrant or extreme levels of color. Each shade has the option of either their daily conditioner or their Go Deep weekly conditioner. I chose the Go Deep weekly conditioner in Extreme Pink ($29).

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