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BH Cosmetics Sale

BH Cosmetics is having another one of their amazing sales and as always, they’ve got some great deals.

One of the reasons that I love BH Cosmetics is because when they have a sale, they really have a sale! Their products are already priced very reasonably but when they slash those prices, I have a hard time not ordering everything.

I have several palettes from them that I love having in my collection. They can be a little bit of a hit or miss sometimes though so don’t expect the most amazing makeup in the world for $10. Their blushes stay on my face and look vibrant all day but while many of their eyeshadows are well pigmented and apply smoothly, there are some duds in every group that may leave you wishing for a little more. For the price and the variety, I think they’re great though.

Their 88 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette is on sale for $8.95 and includes nearly any shade of neutral eyeshadow you could ever need.

The Eyes on the 80’s Palette is full of some really bright, fun colors but also includes several neutrals. For $7.95 it’s a good alternative to the Urban Decay Electric Palette for those who don’t want to spend quite so much on neon eyeshadows.

If looking for a good brush set, check out the 10 pc Eco Brush Set for $9.95. The brushes are made from all natural and recycled materials and come in a linen brush roll. Set includes a powder brush, angled blush brush, foundation brush, blending brush, contour blending brush, smudge brush, flat shadow brush, angled shadow brush, flat eyeliner brush, and a lip/concealer brush.

Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

I’ve been itching to make a new eyeshadow tutorial lately and I thought this smokey eye with a pop of color would be a great look to do. Smokey eyes are already fabulous on their own but sometimes I like to throw in a pop of color to add a little fun!

Here I’ve already applied my primer, Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. I used my finger to gently apply it from lash line to brow bone and then used a small brush to run some along my lower lash line. If you have oily lids like me, you might benefit from using an oil blotting paper on your lids prior to priming.


I usually like to start with my transition shade first. We’re going to apply it in and above our crease. A transition shade will help the darker colors on our lid and crease blend more seamlessly into the light highlighting shade we’ll be putting under our brows. This is Rewind (medium matte brown) from the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette.


Using a blending brush, gently blend to soften the lines.


Next I’ve applied Urban Decay’s Derailed (medium metallic taupey-brown) right into my crease.


Still using Derailed, apply it along your lower lash line (but not quite all the way into the corner!) and connect it to your crease. Make the shadow slightly thicker on the outer corner of your eye and a little thinner towards the inner corner. Gently blend. Go ahead and apply your under brow shade, I’m using Cream from the Lorac PRO Palette, and blend it slightly downwards.


I’ve patted Urban Decay’s Smokeout (dark taupey-black satin) on the the outer 2/3rds or so of my lid. I find that the best way to reduce shadow fall out with dark shades is to pat the color onto your eye rather than using sweeping motions.


And then we blend again!


Next I’m patting Black from the Lorac Pro Palette onto the outer 1/3rd of my eyelid and also using a small brush to press Black right into the outer portion of my lower lash line.


You guessed it! Gently blend to soften the harsh lines of the black.


Using a small concealer brush, I’m applying NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to the inner portion of my eye. Milk is awesome for things like this because the sticky white base makes shadows really pop and I want my inner corner shade to be as bright as it can be!


Bam! This is Thrash from the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Pick out your favorite colorful eyeshadow and apply it right over Milk. Gently blend a little. Nearly done!


I went for winged eyeliner using MAC Fluidline and smudged a little of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner in Perversion into my lower lash line. Looks like this can get a little messy so clean up any fallout you may have on your face. Even better, do bold eyeshadow looks before applying your foundation and face makeup so that you can easily wipe away fallout.


The finished look! I’m wearing possibly my favorite nude  ever on my lips, MAC Creme d’Nude. My eyebrows are Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown and contouring today is also thanks to the Anastasia Beverly Hills via their contour kit.


Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color